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he wasn't suppose to be president he was suppose to be my mom

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What was the results of John Adams' election?

John Adams won the election of 1828

What was noteworthy about Adams election?

it was the 1st election that the vice president and the president were on 2 opposing sides. Republican/ Democrat and Federalists. The Republican/Democrat candidate was Jefferson and the Federalist candidate was Adams.

Who ran against John Adams for the 1797 presidential election?

In the election of 1796 John Adams ran against Thomas Jefferson.

Why was the election of john Adams in the 1800 so important?

Adams lost the election that year to Thomas Jefferson.

Who were John Adams presidential opponents?

John Adams defeated Thomas Jefferson in the 1796 election.

Who lost the election of 1800?

John Adams

Who won the election of 1796?

John Adams

Who ran in the 1796 election?

John Adams

What was special about John Adams election?

He won it

Why did John Adams lose popular support following the election of 1824?

john adams lose popular support following the election of 11824 because idk '

Winner of the the 1824 president election?

The election of John Quincy Adams was in 1924

Who won the election in 1824?

John Q. Adams

Who won election in1824?

John Quincy Adams

Who helped John Quincy Adams with the election 1824?

Henry Clay persuaded his supporters to vote for Adams and was largely responsible for winning the House election for Adams.

Who defeated John Adams?

Assuming you are referring to Adams' presidential election, it was Thomas Jefferson.

When was John Adams elected?

1796He was elected in the election of 1796.

Lost the Presidential election to Thomas Jefferson?

John Adams

Who did john Adams run against in his election?

Thomas Jefferson

Who did George Washington defeat in the general election?

John Adams. (:

What political party was John Adams in during his election?

He was Federalist.

In the election of 1804 who did Thomas Jefferson defeat?

John Adams

What political party was john Adams in at the time of his election?


Jefferson lost the 1796 presidential election to who?

John Adams

Who was Thomas Jefferson's election opponent?

John Adams

Who was the first person to lose a presidential election?

John adams

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