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us(united state ) enter to the war.

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Wealth and military power have long been the decision in becoming a major power in Western Europe and the world.

Eisenhower was general in WW2 idiots General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the major military leader for World War 1 General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the major military leader for World War 1

The military position of the US and other world powers in 1950 reflected a dominance of the US as the top military power. Here is a list of military forces and funds spent by the major world powers in 1950:1. US-- $14,5 billion on defense with 1.4 million military personnel;2. USSR .. $15.5 billion on defense with 4.3 million military personnel;3. UK .... $2.3 billion on defense with 680,000 military personnel; and4. France...$1.4 billion on defense with 590,000 military personnel.These figures reflect why in 1950, the US was the dominating military power in the world.

money, and a strong military

the united states is the current leading world power

Stalin, as a strong power figure, used the military to centralize control. The result was a world power that had a major impact in World War II and carried over through the cold war. The break up of the Soviet Union was the result of decentralization of power.


World whined,ecomieny,military power

Atomic weapons impact the balance of military power in the world today in the sense that produce a sense of fear in the countries that have weak militaries.

The British closed Boston Harbor, the busiest one in the world, and they also sent major military power there. It was because of the Boston Tea Party.

Now it is 2nd in the world by end of 2013

send military troops anywhere in the world

Yes. India and China are currently competing to be the second strongest military power in the world after the U.S.

The power shift that took place after World War 1 was very dramatic. The war showed everyone who had the strongest economy and who was the weakest.

Japan controlled themselves. their military controlled them mainly. emporer hirohito was in power, but it was a military dictatorship

Building the pyramids, being a world power....

With the victory over the Spanish in the Spanish American, the US became a world power for the first time.

In terms of size: China In terms of power: United States of America

He wanted the USSR to become a world power in military and industriazation.