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The old Receiver-in-training failed because he was unable to handle the weight of the memories and emotions he received from the Giver. The pain and complexity of the memories were overwhelming for him, and he requested to be released from the community.

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The old trainee failed was because the Giver gave her all the good memories first, and then just piled all the bad ones on one after the other. I'm pretty sure she became depressed and that's when she applied for release,

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  • The community refers to the person who had been being trained to be the Receiver (Rosemary) as a failure because she had been unable to deal with the pressure of getting all these memories. ...
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Because she couldn't handle the feelings she received and she filed for a release and was killed

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Q: What was one of the reasons the old Receivers trainee had failed in the giver?
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Who do you find out rosemary really is in The Giver?

In The Giver, Jonas discovers that Rosemary was the Giver's daughter and the failed Receiver before him. She asked to be released from the community after experiencing the pain and suffering of all the memories she received, causing the community to stop sharing memories with the Receivers.

In the book the giver what is the name of the failed receiver?

The failed Receiver in "The Giver" is named Rosemary. She was selected to be the Receiver of Memory before Jonas, but the memories were too overwhelming for her and she asked to be released.

What does the receivers attendant tell Jonas about the locks?

The receivers attendant tells Jonas that the locks are to ensure privacy for the receiver. They prevent anyone else from entering the room while the receiver is working with the Giver.

Who was the giver's failed replacement?

The Giver's failed replacement was Rosemary, who was unable to bear the difficult memories that came with her role and asked for release. This traumatic event led the Community to choose Jonas as the new Receiver of Memories.

How long ago did the failed selection occur The giver?

The failed selection in "The Giver" occurred ten years before the main events of the story. This event marked the unsuccessful attempt to assign the role of Receiver of Memory to a candidate who did not succeed in the training.

What was the giver daughters name?

In Lois Lowry's book "The Giver," the Giver's "daughter" is named Rosemary. She was the previous Receiver-in-Training who failed and requested to be released, leading the Giver to choose Jonas as the next Receiver.

Who was the trainee who studies the fine art of release in the giver?

The trainee who studies the fine art of release in "The Giver" is named Jonas. In the novel, Jonas is selected to receive memories of the past from the Giver and is eventually tasked with helping the community navigate the concept of release, which involves euthanizing individuals deemed to be no longer useful to the society.

What is the actual process of transmitting memories in the giver?

In "The Giver," memories are transmitted through touch using a process called "transference." The Giver places his hands on the Receiver's back, and the memories are transferred through a combination of pain and pleasure. This allows the Receiver to experience and store past memories that have been passed down from previous Receivers.

Why does the Giver transmit so many wonderful memories to Jonas when he starts?

The Giver does not wish to scare Jonas off or overwhelm him when Jonas starts receiving memories. This is mainly because his last successor failed and she requested release.

Why is receivers job lonley in The Giver?

Because he spends all day alone just thinking about his memories and being all wise and stuff like that. If you read the book you would see why it would be so lonley

Who applied for release ten years before The Giver?

In the book "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, the character who applied for release ten years before the story takes place was Rosemary, the previous Receiver of Memory who failed in her training and asked to be released.

In the giver what is wrong with gabriel?

In "The Giver," Gabriel is a newchild who is struggling to thrive in the community due to his inability to sleep soundly through the night and reach developmental milestones. He is considered to have failed to adapt properly to the community's expectations and is at risk of being released.