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Q: What was one reason James Bradley said as to why slaves rarely spoke out against slavery?
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How slavery led to the Civil War?

Slavery was an intractable issue. Most of the people in the North were against it and most were for it the South. This was one of the main reason for the war.

How did slavery impact the mentality of slaves?

Slavery impacted the mentality of slaves in an adverse manner and most of them suffered from inferiority complex. This is part of the reason which forced them to revolt against their masters.

Why did the confererat state want to romove Lincoln from office?

The biggest reason is that Abraham Lincoln was against slavery, and the confederate states were for it.

What did the opponents of slavery say about John Brown?

Some opponents of slavery praised John Brown's life and actions including his raid on Harpers Ferry. Other opponents of slavery were strongly against violence and for this reason did not approve of John Brown's actions.

In the civil war were the Yankees against slavery or for it?

Yankees were supposedly against slavery, but the main reason this was said was to gain European sympathies during the Civil War. The war was started because the Union (yankees) wanted to keep the southern states from becoming the Confederate States of America.

Eoconomic reason farmers avoided slavery question?

Economic reason the farmers in the Constitution avoided the slavery question

Why was there slavery in the north?

There was slavery in the north for the same reason there was slavery in the south, that is to work at labourous jobs.

Why are gay people against the Bible?

Gays are not against the Bible. When the Bible is used against people in the ways that are hurtful and discriminate they would disagree with someone doing that ( the bible was used as a reason for slavery), but there are many members of the clergy who are gay and who head churches.

Why are there slavery?

The reason there was slavery is there was not a big enonogh family to work on the plantion so there was slaves. To do it for them.

Did the Union wanted slavery to happen?

No, the Union wanted to end slavery, that was the reason was for the Civil War. The Confederacy wanted slavery

What was the reason for civil war in US?


What reason led to the civil war?