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He put animals in three categories: water, air, and land. Not all birds fly and some animals, like frogs, live in the water and land, not just one place.

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Describe one advantage of having a classification system?

describe one advantage of having classification system?

How did aristotles inability to detect paralax lead him to propose a geonetric model of the solar system?

actally... can u guys help me on this one?

Who was one of the earliest people to develop a systematic system of classification?


Who is the classification system named for and why?

The classification system is named after Carl Linneaus because he was the one to come up with the idea of classifying animals and other living things.

What is Aristotles known for?

Aristotle is the one who found the earth was round.

Is one popular classification system use six kingdoms?


What was one of Charles Darwin accomplishments?

Darwin establsihed the classification system

What are the two classification of books?

There are two main classification systems for books in US libraries. One is known as the Dewey Decimal system and the other is called the Library of Congress system.

Who was aristotles son?

Aristotle only had one son and his name is Nicomachus.

What is the meaning of decentration?

The ability to move away from one system of classification to another one as appropriate.

Classification allows people to communicate about organisms by using one?

naming system

What are the two classification of library?

Library of Congress Classification uses letters and numbers. This allows for more breakdowns of areas of knowledge than the Dewey Decimal System. Public libraries and school libraries use Dewey Decimal System. Most colleges and research libraries use Library of Congress.

How do scientists use a classification system to categorize plants and animals?

Scientists can use a classification system in order to categorize plants and animals in a few ways. One way is to classify them based on habitat.

Name one advantage of having a classification system?

somebody tell me please can you tell me

What are name the classification systems that are commonly used in libraries?

The Dewey decimal system is one of them

Why did Aristotle's classification system last so long?

Because there wasn't enough eveidence for any other classification, meaning that people had to stick with this one for now

How does the biological system of classification relate to the diversity of species?

The biological system of classification relates to the diversity of species because the system of classification is how we organize the diversity of species. With out it we would have a hard time trying to determine which animals belong with which group. There would be no order, just chaos of trying to determine animal likeness of one another.

How did they invent the classification system of books?

I believe it's called the Dewie (Dewy, Dewey) Decimal system. You could Google it. That's one sort of classification, there are many others - plants, animals, stars etc.

Why doesn't arstole classification system not work for our moder world?

Aristotle was one of the Johnson of the Homophone. So, Aristotle classification system don't work for our modern world where the Gabriello of filament in the lifespan emits light. - By the professor of Cambridge University

What does the pardoner do agter finishing his tale?

There is one thing pardoner does to finish his tale. That is he tells his shortcoming to gain legitimacy.

One shortcoming of the Articles of Confederation was that it did not provide for?

The Articles of Confederation failed to provide for a national judiciary, which was one of its shortcomings. The Articles of Confederation were created in 1777.

What sort of government did Constantine live under according to Aristotle's classification system rule by one rule by few rule by many?

rule by one

Biologists and anthropologists generally agree on a five member classification system to universally distinguish one race from another?


What is the harmonized system?

It is a system which has agreed by several parties. For example, the Harmonised System for the Classification of International Trade is one which is agreed by most countries and is used for classifying international trade for customs and statistical purposes.

What is one difference between Millers conception of tragedy and Aristotles?

miller thought it was approptiate for the tragic hero to be a common person

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