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His objective was to free the slaves.

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Where was Lincolns home after the civil War?

President Lincoln was still President, and living in the White House when he was killed.

What was Abraham lincolns occupation during the civil war?

President of the United States of America.

What was president lincolns chief aim when the civil war began?

President Lincoln's chief aim was that of preserve and restore the Union.

What happened in Lincolns life that helped him become famous?

Becoming president of the United States and being President during the Civil War. Also the first President to be assassinated.

At the beginning of the Civil War President Abraham Lincoln maintain that the war was being fought to?

At the beginning of the Civil War President Lincoln stated that the war was being fought to preserve the Union.

What was president lincolns goal after the civil war?

He didnt have too much to say after the war, because he was assassinated right around the end of the war.

Who was the president that suspended civil liberties and called state military into national service?

Abraham Lincoln suspended civil liberties at the beginning of the Civil War.

What was president Lincolns goal in fighting the in the civil war?

Keeping the Union together. That was it. Anything else that he did or attempted to do while in office was just a means to reach that goal.

What was lincolns beliefs in the civil war?

At the beginning of the Civil War Lincoln was fighting in the belief that "All men are created equal" and towards the end he was fighting in the belief that slavery should come to an end and that all slaves should be freed.

Why was lincolns death important?

Lincoln was the first US president to ever be assassinated. It put an emphasis on the importance of protecting the president. It also through the nation into even more turmoil after the Civil War has recently ended.

When did lee surrender in Civil War?

Lee surrendered in the civil war to Abraham lincolns hourse in china

A major cause of the Civil War was?

slavery and i think Lincolns election

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