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What was project Gemini?

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How did project Gemini get its name?

It was named after the constellation Gemini (twins).

Was John Glenn in Project Gemini or Project Mercury?

He was in Project Mercury.

Who was the first person to walk in space in project Gemini?

Edward White was the first person in project Gemini to walk in space.

When did project Gemini start?


What were the names of the 2 projects before project Apollo?

Project Mercury and Project Gemini

When did project Gemini end?

Gemini XII was the last Gemini flight, and occurred on November 11-15, 1966. This was the tenth manned Gemini mission.

What Project was to link two spacecrafts together while they were in orbit?

is built by humans and orbits another object. JHappy321: No the project is either project Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, and Galileo.The answer is Gemini.

How many missons were on project Gemini?


What year was project Gemini?

Project Gemini was the second human spaceflight program of NASA, the civilian space agency of the United States government. Project Gemini was conducted between projects Mercury and Apollo, with ten manned flights occurring in 1965 and 1966.

Why was Project Gemini so important?

The project Gemini was important because it prepared the Americans for the Apollo moon program. Many technologies developed for the Apollo missions were tested in space during the Gemini program. One of the highlights of the the Gemini project was the first EVA (extra-vehicular activity) performed by Ed White during the mission Gemini 4. (first EVA done by US)

The Gemini project consisted of how many missions?


Who was on the Gemini project?

Here is a complete list of the astronauts who flew on project Gemini Gemini 3 - Gus Grissom & John Young Gemini 4 - Jim McDivitt & Ed White Gemini 5 - Gordon Cooper & Charles Conrad Gemini 6 - Wally Schirra & Tom Stafford Gemini 7 - Frank Borman & Jim Lovell Gemini 8 - Neil Armstrong & Dave Scott Gemini 9 - Stafford & Gene Cernan Gemini 10 - Young & Michael Collins Gemini 11 - Conrad & Richard Gordon Gemini 12 - Lovell & Buzz Aldrin

Which space project listed below sent 2 astronauts at a time into space Project Gemini Project Mercury Project Apollo or space shuttle?

Project Gimini

What is Project Gemini?

Project Gemini, originally named Mercury Mark II, was the second US space program. It was a bridge from project Mercury to the Apollo moon missions program. The spacecraft carried two people and tested rendezvous and docking.

How many astronauts manned each of the project gemini flights?

Two did.

How can you beat the game Gemini Project Training?

try and try again

How many manned missions in Gemini by NASA?

The Gemini Project lasted Between 1962 and 1966 and developed key techniques and equipment later used on the Apollo missions. Over the years 1965 and 1966, the Gemini Project sent a total of 16 Astronauts on 10 different missions into orbit.

What was the names of the three space programs run by the us?

Project Mercury (1959-19630Project Gemini (1962-1966)Project Apollo (1961-1972)

The three manmade US space programes established to put a person on the moon?

Project Apollo, Project Gemini, then Space Shuttle

How many astronauts where onboard each space capsule launched during NASAS Gemini space program?

There were 2 astronauts on each Project Gemini mission.

What are facts about project Gemini?

First u.s two-man space lift Firts

What is a U.S. space project that gave astronauts practice piloting space craft and working in space?

Project Gemini and Project Apollo had astronauts practice piloting and working in space.

What was the name of the NASA project following project Mercury?

The two-man flights of Project Gemini (1965-1966) followed NASA's Mercury program, which launched astronauts in one-man capsules.

What is the Lucky color for Gemini for an inteview?

Lucky colours for Gemini are Light green, Orange, Yellow. Small quantities or muted tones are best, add brown too your ensemble to project trustworthiness.

What has the author Sol Levine written?

Sol Levine has written: 'Appointment in the sky' -- subject(s): Project Gemini (U.S.)

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