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Revenge for World War II was extracted in many ways by the Allied Forces. Perhaps the worst was the mass rape of German women by the Red Army. This was a war crime, yet no one was ever punished. The number of women who were raped has been estimated as high as 2 million, and at least 240,000 died as a result of the rapes.

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Q: What was revenge for World War 2?
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Reasons for war in World War 2?

Germany wanted revenge after world war 1.

What war tactics did the USSR use in World War 2?

They used the Revenge strategy because the Russians were crazy with revenge

What were the four causes of World War 2?

racism, resources, revenge and

What was the fundemental cause of World War 2?

racism, resources, and revenge

Do you agree that World War 2 was a continuation of the First World War?

Yes in the fact that Germany wanted revenge on the Allies after the first World War or the Great War

How did the US get revenge after World War 2?

The US did not seek or gain revenge against Japan after WWII. It did seek justice.

What was Hittler's reason for causing world war 2?

racism, resources, and revenge

What was japans motive for joining World War 2?

racism, resouces, revenge

How was revenge a cause of World War 2?

the second greatest war that re-shaped the planet's political arena

Why was World War I important to World War 2?

world war 1 was important because the treaty of Versailles was made which Hitler thought was unfair...also Hitler wanted revenge

What were FDR's goals for the end of World War 2?

trying to get revenge from that insident in pearl harber

Did Hitler had reasons to start World War 2?

Yes, because in World War I, the Germans was made humiliated and were poor. So Hitler thought if he invades the world he'll get his revenge.

What happened in World War 2 that allowed the US to go offensive in the Pacific?

The Japanese attacked Pearl harbor and that allowed US to join World war two and get revenge

What events led america into world war 2?

Well a main reason was to revenge for the destruction at Pearl Harbor.

How did the Treaty of Versailles influence the beginning of World War 2?

The treaty of Versailles influenced the beginning of World War 2 because it wasn't fair to them in it's punishment for Germany considering the were on the brink of bankruptcy. So then Hitler came and promised the Germans the revenge that they wanted causing the start of World War 2.

What is an example of revenge leading to destruction in todays world?

The war on Iraq (although revenge wasn't the only motive).

What is the issue of world war 1?

germany hated the world and pledged revenge on everyone :)

What was living in Italy after World War 2 like?

living in Italy after ww2 was kind of strange... everyone in the bars were talking of revenge.

Could Britain and France have stopped the outbreak of world war 2?

Unlikely, Hitler in Germany was intent on revenge for the humiliation of WWI.

How far was the treaty of Versailles to blame for World War 2?

Because it produced anger in Germany so they wanted revenge on the aliles

What was a major goal of the USSR after World War 2?

probally to get revenge on the Nazis or to get more land for the so called mother land

Did Hitler's role in World War 1 affect him into World War 2?

i believe it did because Hitler was a soldier on the front line who was blinded by mustard gas and had to recover in a hospital and as he recovered he swore to get revenge for Germany

Why did Truman decide to use the atomic bomb at the end of World War 2?

Because he didn't have the bomb at the beguining of the war. The president along with most Americans wanted revenge.

How did World War 1 contribute to World War 2?

World War I led to World War II in the fact that after the war, all the countries signed a Treaty called the Treaty of Versailles in which Germany had to give up some land, they had to demilitarize, they had to take full blame for the war, and pay reperations to the Allied countires. From this Germany wanted revenge on the Allied countries.

How did the Treaty of Versailles endanger the US?

The treaty of Versailles put us into world War 2. That is because it caused a big struggle in Germany and they wanted revenge then.