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Why did Robert Frost write mending wall

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Q: What was robert frost's age in 1912?
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What was Robert frosts wifes name?

Robert Frosts wifes name is Elinor Mirian White.... and they had 6 children together and 2 died at a young age...... :(

Style of Robert frosts poetry?

Robert frosts poems are modernist

What was the theme of Robert frosts poem the pasture?

One of the main themes in robert frosts peom The Pastures is that nobody wants to be alone

What was Robert Frosts greatest accomplishment?

Robert frosts greatest accomplishment was earning over 40 honary medals. He was also one of the best weiters

What was Robert Frost's ethnicity?

Robert Frosts ethnicity was African American or black

What was Robert frosts theme?

New England's nature.

How many of robert frosts children died?


When did Robert frosts' mother die?

2010 b.c.

Is Robert frosts mother dead?

No People are saying she Is But She Is Not

What were Robert Frosts poems known for?

mending wall

What are Robert frosts parents names?

mom and dad

What was Robert frosts favorite subject?

Slapping his friend Taher

Can you see Robert frosts poems?

suck some wang

What was Robert Frosts family like?

both of his parents were teachers

What is Robert frosts favorite hobby?

his favorite hobby is football

What do crictics say about Robert frosts fire and ice?


What is Robert frosts shortest poem?

how am i suppose to now] \

What is Robert frosts full name bob bob bobby?


When did Sir Robert Falcon Scott die?

Sir Robert Falcon Scott died on March 29, 1912 at the age of 43.

How old was Robert Falcon Scott when he died?

Robert Falcon Scott was age 43 upon his death in 1912.

What was Robert Frosts hobbies other than poetry?

farming, he loved farming

What was Robert frosts favorite dessert?

Nothing in his biography gives that bit of information about him.

Why did Robert Frosts son carol commit suicide?

because he was sad and depressed :(

How old was Sir Robert Falcon Scott at death?

Sir Robert Falcon Scott died on March 29, 1912 at the age of 43.

In Robert frosts poem mending wall what does the narrator have on his side of the wall?

An apple orchard.