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What was Sarah palin's SAT score?


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You're not going to be able to find that information available to the general public, but you will be able to tell, from looking at her school, what type of score, generally, she received. Because it is unlikely that she would have chosen a school with worse SAT score averages than she received, it's fair to assume that her SAT is within the average range for the first school she chose.

Palin went to five universities in six years to get a four year degree.

Her first college, Hawaii Pacific University, has average SAT scores which show their average student is less intelligent than the average person.

While the average score is 500 on each of the two SAT categories, verbal and math, HPU's average scores are:

Average SAT scores: V 487 M 488 (#1)

Then, for reasons which are not disclosed, she withdrew and enrolled in a series of schools over six years before finally graduating from University of Idaho with a Bachelors of Science. The average SAT scores from U of I are:

University of Idaho 549 Verbal

559 Math

23 ACT

For more information about Palin's educational record, see: #2

While attending Buford High School, a rural school about 10 miles east of Lancaster; in 1970 we had a Basketball phenom by the name of Tammy Lynn Adams. She had just turned 13 years old when she made 1st string Varsity Basketball Team. She Broke scoring records that haven't been bested as of today....but she was always fighting, getting into trouble in general, skipping school, that sort of thing. One class she missed 62 days, she was given the opportunity to take the final with only 1 day advance notice so she 'would probably fail' we thought. Four teachers stood around the room watching from all sides to make she she didn't cheat, and she didn't, and she aced the damn thing. We had no idea her mother had been making her "go through the grades, so to speak, for more emotional development, sometime around March, 1971, she took the SAT, she wasn't supposed to even take the test, but I wanted her tested. Tammy Adams took the SAT s and scored 1600, which being in Education all of my life, as you can imagine took me aback. She was a 13 year old lesbian who really didn't give a damn what 'anyone' thought of her, or her perfect score. Needless to say, word got out to Colleges over the Nation. She was courted for a full ride by Florida Sate, she was even approached by one of a few Professional Woman's Basketball Teams, The Texas Red-heads; which she opted for, but decided against because she would miss her grandparents too much, which at 13, was the one normal thing I found about Tammy Adams. She adored her grandparents to the point of worship, but who would blame her, they were the only positive influences in her life. Her Grandmother kept her working the farm, her Grandfather taught her to train horses; which is and was her greatest Love. She went on to Winthrop College, for 1 year, then on to USC in Columbia, after Pam Parsons recruited her for point guard position.

She went on to work for E.F. Hutton, in Los Angel', but not before changing her name to Warryck-Regan Lee Wolf, all names of her Great Uncles, and Grandfather. 3/4 Catawba Indian, 1/4 Irish fresh off off the boat. Tammy Adams is a phenom in so many areas it uncanny; she's creative, paints, sculpts,

plays native flute and drums, and she recently disproved one of Einstein's Theories of Relativity, that some say will have far reaching affects, for quantum physics. In 2007 She Received the elusive 'Honorary' PhD in Theoretical Physics from Stanford. So Lets keep an eye on the trouble makers such as Tammy Lynn Adams, SAT score 1600, which in 1971 was a Perfect score, You very well maybe in the presence of the 1 in a million who could change all of our lives. After Hutton, she did her stint in the Marine Corp, and left as, Lt.Col Warryck-Regan Lee Wolf...a phenom by definition. Buford High, SC Class of 1971, it was a pain, and a privilege to know you.