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voting rights for slaves mostly

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Q: What was the 15th amendment?
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Who was disappointed with the 15th amendment?

Freedmen were dissappointed by the 15th amendment.

Which amendment extended the right to vote to all men?

Amendment 15The 15th Amendment.The 15th Amendment.

Which group was left out of the 15th amendment?

What groups were left out of the 15th Amendment

What is the 15th and 14th amendment?

The 14th amendment is for citizenship rights. The 15th amendment is race on bar to vote.

The 15th amendment enabled blacks to?

The 15th amendment enabled blacks to vote.

What was the name of the 15th amendment?

15th Ammendment

What date was the 15th amendment ratified?

The 15th Amendment was ratified on February 3rd, 1870.

How did amendment 15th effect british?

As an amendment to the US Constitution, the 15th Amendment had no effect of any kind in Great Britain

When did they pass the 15th amendment?

Wikipedia says: It [The 15th Amendment] was ratified on February 3, 1870.

What did 15th amendment mean?

The 15th Amendment to the Constitution gives African-Americans the right to vote.

What is 15th amendment?

The 15th amendment guarantee's the right to vote without restrictions based on..for an example race.

Explain the 15th amendment?

The 15th amendment gives African Americans & other minorities the right to vote.

Who wrote the 13th 14th and 15th amendment?

Abraham Lincoln wrote the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment

Who is not included in the The 15th amendment?

Women were not included in the 15th amendment. Back then women did not have as much right as men.

What amendment allowed slaves to vote?

15th Amendment

What is the 13th 14th and 15th amendments?

13th amendment is SLAVERY ABOLISHMENT. 14th Amendment is CIVIL RIGHTS. 15th Amendment is RIGHT TO VOTE.

What was the 15th amendment established?

the 15th admendment was established in 1870

What happened at the time of the 15th amendment?

The 15th amendment allowed all race to vote in the US even if you were colored .

Who helped pass the 15th amendment?

The House Joint Resolution helped pass the 15th Amendment. Also, Republicans helped pass the 15th Amendment, as they wanted to give African Americans the right to vote.

Which amendment guaranteed black Americans citizenship?

15th amendment

What amendment allows black Americans to vote?

15th amendment

Which amendment gave freedmen the right to vote?

The 15th amendment

What amendment applies to roe v wade?

The 15th amendment

Which amendment was the first to clarify who could vote?

15th amendment

When was the 15th amendment proposed?

The Congress passed the 15th amendment on February 26, 1869 the it was ratified on February 3, 1870. The amendment allowed African Americans to vote.