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Q: What was the 1988 Rhode Island mens basketball roster?
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Boston college basketball roster 1988?

Dana Barros

Where can I find the Louisville cardinals mens basketball roster for 1988?

If you go online and look on Google you will find the roster. It is also on Wikipedia as well. The website that has it is the Sports Reference site.Ê

When was Tara Lescault born?

Tara Lescault was born on June 5, 1988, in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA.

When was Hannah Kittell born?

Hannah Kittell was born on March 10, 1988, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

How do you spell Rihanna?

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The famous American Country musical artist Billy Gilman was born on May 24th, 1988. He was born in Westerly Rhode Island and was raised in Hope Valley Rhode Island.

Where can you find past rosters for the University of Utah Basketball?

Please let me know if you find the answer to this question. I am looking for the 1988-1989 or 1989-1990 roster for the University of Utah Basketball team. My biological father was on that team and I would like to find out who he is?....

When was Katherine Lee Murphy born?

Katherine Lee Murphy was born on October 21, 1988, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

What was the starting lineup of the 1985 St John's university men's basketball team?

Lou Carnesecca. He was the head coach of the St. John's men's basketball team from 1965-1970 and 1973-1992.

Who was the Governor of Rhode Island in 1786?

William Greene (bon August 16, 1731 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died November 29, 1809 in Warwick, Rhode Island) succeeded Nicholas Cooke as the second Governor of Rhode Island, serving between May 4, 1778 and May 3, 1786. Following the end of Greene's term as Governor, John Collins (born June 8, 1717 in Newport, Rhode Island; died March 8, 1795 in Newport, Rhode Island) became the third Governor of Rhode Island, serving between May 3, 1786 and May 5, 1790.

What was the 1988 Cornell basketball roster?

The 1988 Cornell basketball team was the last Cornell team to win the Ivy League Championship. The roster included Sam Jacobs, Greg Gilda, Wolfgang Florin, James Paul, Mike Millane, Josh Wexler, Dean Kartsonas, Mike Pascal, Steve Johnson, Monte Boykin, Patrick Homer, Bernard Jackson, Nate Grant, Paul McRae, Len Breslow, Ike Ayers, Jon Halpern, Jamal Oliver, Steve George, and Mike Proctor.

When was Ohio Mr. Basketball created?

Florida Mr. Basketball was created in 1983.