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you misspelled it KAMIKAZE!!

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Q: What was the Japanese term for divine wind a tactic for which the ENEMY had not prepared?
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What is the tactic called when you keep the enemy inside their castle?


What military tactic surrounds the enemy and forces starvation or surrender?


What was one war tactic of world war?

Fire artillery shells at the enemy.

What battle tactics did the vikings use?

All in hell goes loose. They had a tactic of hitting and before the enemy could organize they retreated. They 'Harried' enemy troops.

What was the Japanese strategy called in which fighter pilots deliberately crashed their planes into enemy ships?

The suicide pilots were known as the kamikaze (Japanese for divine wind). Many of these pilots had no training in using bombs or torpedoes, as armaments and capable combat pilots were in short supply. It was comparatively easier to dive into ships with a plane having only one large explosive.

What term describes he military tactic in which a navy prevents vessels from entering or exiting its enemy's ports?

A blockade.

How do you say the enemy in Japanese?

Teki (敵)

How do you say enemy in Japanese?

敵 Teki

What do you call the daily ritual of firing at the enemy at sunrise?

The daily ritual of firing at the enemy at sunrise is commonly referred to as the "morning barrage." This tactic is often utilized in military operations to surprise and weaken the enemy at the start of the day.

What is a hollow square tactic?

It was the formation with which the infantry units were formed in, in order to hold up and repulse the charges of the enemy cavalry units.

What animal is the dolphins enemy?

Japanese, Sharks and fishing nets

Who did the us Perceive to be its enemy during pearl harbor?

The Japanese