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He used to be a minister where the Jonas brothers' attended church. Now he manages the Jonas Brothers.

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What is billy joe royals dads name?

Billy Joes father is Clarence Royal and his mom is Mary.

What was the Joe Jonas's dads job?

joe Jonas dads job is to teach the Jonas brothers how to sing and write the songs.

What was tony hawks dads job?

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his job was to work at the Ebenezer church as a pastor?

what was martin luther kings dads job

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What was Paul Revere's dads job?

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What was Ringo Starrs dads job?

he made cakes at a bakery

What was pablo's picassos dads job?

he worked at a museum, he also painted

What was roy lichestein's dads job?

His father was a real estate broker.

What was Robert Bunsens dads job?

Christian Bunsen was philologist and librarian.

What are the release dates for Dads - 2013 Heckuva Job Brownie 1-2?

Dads - 2013 Heckuva Job Brownie 1-2 was released on: USA: 24 September 2013

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What was zac efrons dads job?

He is an engineer at a nuclear power plant in California.

What is Rihannas dads job?

Rihanna's dad sells clothes from the back of his car.

Did the Aztec call their houses Joes?

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Because his dad had a job there.His dad was a nazi but Bruno didn't know what his dads job was.

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As of May 2014, there is not a Trader Joes in Kauai, Hawaii. There are actually no Trader Joes stores in Hawaii at all.

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You can find Havana Joes in Jacksonville, Florida.

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What does dd mean?

dads day dads day dads day

Did Stanley Weston createe gi joes?

Yes Stanley Weston creat GI JOES

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