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Q: What was the King Tiger tanks major battle?
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How many German tiger tanks were made during ww2?

Tiger tanks: 1,200+ King tiger tanks: 497

Were any King Tiger Tanks used during the Battle of Berlin in World War 2?

yes, 10 king tigers

Which is larger a tiger tank or panther tank?

Both the Tiger and the King Tiger tanks were heavy tanks whereas the Panther was a medium tank .

What tanks did the Germans use in World War 2?

Medium tanks: · Panzer3 · Panzer4 · Panther Ausf. A Heavy tanks: · Tiger 1 (panzer 6) · King Tiger 2 (panzer 7) Tank destroyers: · Jagdpanther Immense tanks: Maus (panzer 8)

Which were the best tanks used in World War 2?

The King Tiger and its killer, the Stalin-2.

What was the tank crew of a tiger tank?

The Tiger 1 tank has a crew of 5, I know this because of a book called Tanks inside out. (The Tiger 2 or King Tiger also has a crew of 5)

What tanks were used during the Battle of Stalingrad?

The battle of Stalingrad included many tanks, most of them were very effective and well known tnak vehicles e.g. KING Tiger and KV-8. During the Battle of Stalingrad Germany used their Panzer III, PanzerIV, Panzer V, Panther tanks, Tiger II. Whereas the Soviets used their T-24, T-34, T-34-85, T-50 T-60, T-70, IS-2, KV1-2, KV-8, KV-85.

What is the major conflict in the last battle Narnia?

When the king is captured.

Who had better tanks in World War 2 Germany or Russia?

Germany had the better tank (Tiger and King Tiger)but could not produce them on the same scale as the Russians produced the T-34 . Quality vs Quantity .

Which is better tiger tank 1 or king tiger tank?

the tiger 1 was a really great tank. Tank commanders like Erwin Rommel used tigers. on the other hand the armor of the king tiger was used to reflect or ricochet shells all that armor made the tank heavier. The tiger was formed during the Battle of Kursk, when the germans were trying to figure out a way to protect their flak 88s while setting them up. They put armor around the 88 which formed the tiger. My tank would be the tiger its faster more powerful and more armor. The king tigers were rarely used after the battle of Remagen.

What kinds of tanks were there in World War 2?

During World War 2 there was many types of tanks suchas, Tankettes, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Super-Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers and SPA Tank. Examples of Tank during World War 2 are: T-34 T-34-85 KV1 BT7 BT2 M4 Sherman H18 Hellcat Panzer IV Panther Tiger I King Tiger Marder II Jagdpanther Elefant Jagdtiger Hetzer Hummel Wespe See related links for list of WW2 Era Tanks, It also includes, Infantry and Cruiser Tanks.

How do you get the king tiger tank in company of heroes?

First, the King Tiger is available from Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts with the latest patch (also Tales of Valor). In game however, in order to summon the King Tiger, you must choose the Wehrmacht Army and choose the Terror Doctrine from the 3 different Doctrines. (other 2 being the Defensive Doctrine and Blitzkrieg Doctrine) Just for extra information, King Tiger can only be called ONCE and cannot be built. Therefore if you lose the King Tiger in the battle, its either lost forever or must be recovered by Bergetiger.

What name allies use for German king tiger?

Mk. VI, Panzer 6, tiger royal, King tiger.

Is a panzer six tank and a king tiger tank the same tank?

The tiger is six and the king tiger is seven Clarification: both the Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 (King Tiger) are designated Panzerkampfwagen VI (or panzer 6) the tiger 2 being designated Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf.B Tiger II. I'm not sure what a Panzer 7 was.

How many Tiger tanks were built in World War 2?

Tiger I: 1350 Tiger II: 487 I have read estimates of 450 King tigers were actually built, up to the above figure of 487. Almost certainly no more then 500 were ever built. Of these 450 to 500 tanks actually built, most of them never made it to the battlefield. Those that did, caused massive destruction and terror wherever they appeared and often the only warning American, British or russian tank crews got was when one or more tanks in their formation suddenly blew up. The King Tiger's gun could hit an enemy tank at 2 miles and thanks to expert crews and advanced optics, first round hit probability at 1,000 yards and below was over 90%. The King Tiger used the same engine as did the Panther tank. The Panther weighed 20 tons less so with the abysmal power to weight ratio, the King Tiger was a lumbering beast at best and a fuel hog. More "destroyed" King Tiger tanks were probably lost to breakdowns and running out of fuel then to enemy action. This is why the wartime photos you see of captured king tigers, often show no damage at all. Of course more King Tigers were planned, then were built. 1,500 King Tigers were planned to be built, no doubt by complete optimists. the KT was produced at two factories but the Henschel factory was bombed over and over by allied air strikes in 1945 until production was stopped by wars end.

Why is the tiger the king of the jungle?

the tiger is the king of the jungle because lions dont live in jungles tigers do

Major battle of the Revolutionary War?

Some of the major battles of the American Revolutionary War were:Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775Battle of New York, 1776Battle of Bennington, 1777Battle of Monmouth, 1778Battle of Camden, 1780Battle of King Mountain, 1780Battle of Cowpens, 1781:Battle of Hobkirk's Hill, 1781Battle of Eutaw Springs, 1781Battle of Yorktown, 1781

Germany's main battle tank in World War 2?

It was an evolutionary process. Against Poland and in Africa it was the Panzer I and Panzer II which were in essence light tanks that lacked adquate punch to take out hard targets. By the time Operation Barbarosa against the Soviet Union began the Panzer III was the main battle tank but it was hopelessly outclassed by the T-34. The Panzer IV designed as a support tank became by default the Main Battle tank. By the time the Battle of the Bulge began it was the Tiger Tank that was the superman of the battlefield. The King Tiger was available in small numbers but far to heavy for most existing bridges.

Is the tiger king of the jungle?

lion is the king of the jungle

What is the largest battle tank in the world?

The King Tiger tank is the largest tank to go into battle, while the Maus (Panzer VIII) in its prototype stage would have far surpassed it once the turret was attached.

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When was House of the Tiger King created?

House of the Tiger King was created in 2003.

I know of the Tiger 1 tank but is the King Tiger the same tank as a King Tiger 2 tank or was there a third Tiger tank by Germany in World War 2?

There was only two tigers, the tiger 1, which was very powerful and armourd but slow. The king tiger, twice the power and armore, but was twice as slow. The Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 had the same top road speed. Go to Wikipedia for more info.