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What was the Lewis and clark expidition called?


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the lewis and clark expidition :)

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the people in lewis and clark's expidition were Nativ Americans

Thomas Jefferson he was the one who told Lewis & clark to do the expidition

Lewis and Clark Expidition

Lewis and clark obviously. lead by Sacajawea who carried her child on her back throughout the expidition Lewis and clark obviously. lead by Sacajawea who carried her child on her back throughout the expidition

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was composed of volunteers from the US Army. It was headed by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark.

john colter was an explorer on the Lewis and clark expidition. he grew up as a trapper/woodsman, but was offered a job by Lewis and clark as a private on their expidition for a pay of $5.00 a month

the Lewis and clark expidition lasted 2yrs 4mons and 10 days

she was a traslater in the Lewis and clark expidition

Yes! on their expidition they found it.

Lewis and Clark were sent in the 1700's from the east of the U.S. territory to see what was the the west of the Appalachian mountains.

Thomas Jefferson gave orders to Lewis to find the Northwest passage

it started on may 14,1804 at camp dubois

I don't know that's why i'm asking!

an important event sacagawea did was go on the expidition with lewis and clark

They were taken as gifts to give to the Indians and there leaders.

yes they FOUGHT indians aka native americans

Sacajoea was a first nations girl who helped lewis and clark on thier expidition

the find a way to get from the missouri river to the atlantic ocean.

Because Clark was an Mapmarker and an Outdoorsman,to help him oversee a volunteer force,or Corps.

"Lewis and Clark's expidition arived on November 14, 1805."

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