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Q: What was the New Deal Coalition and what groups were part of the coalition?
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What part of speech is coalition?

The word "coalition" is a noun. It refers to a union or alliance, especially between political parties or groups.

The public works authority was part of what?

The Public Works Authority was a part of the New Deal Coalition. The New Deal Coalition was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Who were least likely to be a part of new deal coalition?

farm laborers

The Public Works Authority was a part of the .?

national industrial recovery act

What groups was not part of the coalition that backed the post-Civil War Republican party?

what periods one party controlled the presidency while the other controlled congress

Who are the modern leaders of Israel now?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Israel is a secular democracy, in which all faiths are citizens and have equal rights. The government is a coalition; in other words, it is comprised of several different political parties. There are one or two tiny religious groups as part of this coalition, but Israel has never been a theocracy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is Northern Ireland a coalition government?

It is a form of coalition government. Because of the troubles, as part of the peace process it was agreed to have a power-sharing government which would have representatives from both sides of the community.

Did the France help?

France was part of the coalition during Desert Storm (January to Febuary 1991).

What was the Battle of Waterloo a part of?

It was a part of the Napoleonic Wars. It pitted the Seventh Coalition against Napoleon during the 100 days.

What groups of people were considered a part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's new deal coalition?

Franklin D. Roosevelt forged a coalition that included the Democratic state party organizations, city machines, labor unions, blue collar workers, minorities (racial, ethnic and religious), farmers, white Southerners, people on relief, and intellectuals.

Why aer coalition government usually unstable?

A coalition government forms when no one group has a majority of votes needed to form the leadership of the government. When two or more form to have the majority needed , both parts of the group would need to compromise on issues they might feel strongly about. If one part breaks off, they might not have the majority needed to be the coalition in power.

Who did Athens defeat in the second Persian War?

It was part of a coalition led by Sparta which repelled an invasion by the Persian Empire.