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What was the Non-intercourse act?

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what was the non intercourse act

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What act repealed Jefferson's embargo act?

nonintercourse act

What did congress replace the Embargo act with?

The Nonintercourse Act

Which act was passed in 1809 to replace the Embargo Act?

Nonintercourse A+

Which nations trade with America based on the Nonintercourse Act?


What did the nonintercourse act do?

America reopened trade with foreign countries except for France and Britain.

What act was after the stamp act?

The quartering act was after the stamp act.

What act repealed the stamp act?

The quartering act was the act that made the stamp act get repealed.

What acts did british imposed on the colonies?

there was the stamp act, the sugar act, the townscent act, the quartering act, the tea act, the molasses act, the revenue act and the intolerable acts

Was the navigation act after the quartering act?

no the navigation act was before the quartering act

What act is before the Tea Act?

intolerable act was before the tea act

Stamp act quatering act declaratory act townshend act Tea Act intolerable act prohibitory act.Which one does not belong?

i think prohibitory act doesnt belong.

What act came after the stamp act?

first was the sugar act in 1764. after that was the stamp act in 1765. and after that was the townshen act.... so the answer is the Townshen Act. <3 C;

What did the sugar act stamp act declaratory act Tea Act townshend act and coercive acts do?

stop tax

What came first the stamp act declaratory act or the quartering act?

the quartering act

Which act replaced the stamp act?

declaratory act

What act was passed after the Quartering Act?

The townshend act.

What act was passed after the stamp act?

The Declaratory Act.


how to act

What act happened first the stamp act or the sugar act?

the sugar act came first

How many acts were there in the act of quebec?

there were not any acts in the act, the only act was the actual act

What did the quartering act state?

Quartering ActBoston Port BillAdministration of Justice ActMassachusetts Government ActQuebec Act

What 5 laws were passed after the french and Indian war?

The Tea Act, The Sugar Act, The Townshend Act, The Quartering Act, and The Stamp Act.

What are 3 of the coercive acts?

Quebec Act, Quartering Act, Boston Port Act, Massachusetts Government Act, Administration of Justice Act

How did rebeca franks contributed to the sugar act?

how did Rebbecca franks contributed to the stamp act/sugar act/quartering act/townshend act?

What were 4 intolerable acts?

Boston Port Act Massachusetts Government Act Administration of Justice Act Quartering Act Quebec Act

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