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Q: What was the Ottoman Empire like during World War 1?
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What countries were created and which disappeared at the end of World War 2?

Czec Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, and Turkey were created. Austria-Hungary, Czechoslavakia, the Ottoman Empire, and Serbia were broken up into new countries. This information is incorrect. Austria-Hungary broke apart after WW1 as did the Ottoman Empire. Poland, Latvia, Estonia, etc were all created after WW1. I believe the answer is almost entirely about the end of WW1 and not WW2 like the question states.

Who was taking over in World War 1?

WW1 was not so much about 'taking over', like WW2 was about Hitler seeking a form of European and world domination, but was more a general jostling for power and influence as the Turkish Ottoman Empire steadily collapsed. Imagine, if you will, the head of a family dying, and his children, his nieces and nephews all with their own agendas and ambitions trying to manoeuvre their way to his assets and influence. That was what WW1 was about.

Did Australia go to world war 1 and why?

Yes, Australia fought in World War I. In fact, Australian casualties during the war were very high - the highest per capita of any Allied country, even despite the fact that Australia never introduced conscription during the war. Australians fought in major campaigns, such as the unsuccessful Gallipoli campaign, numerous battles on the Western Front (such as the Battle of the Hindenburg Line) and in the Ottoman Empire (like the Battle of Beersheba). Australia fought as part of the British Empire. At that time, Australia did not have a foreign policy independent of Britain's. As soon as Britain declared war, Australia was obligated to join in. Furthermore, Australians were enthusiastic in their desire to fight, wanting to support Britain and prove Australia's worth as a new nation (Federation had taken place only 13 years earlier).

What were the classrooms like during World War 1?

they were old and ugly

What would the world look like today if WW1 never happened?

If WWI never happened, then that means no WWII. Meaning no Holocaust. This means that over 90 million people DON'T die. Secondly, No USSR or Axis powers. WWI = Russian starvation. Russian starvation = uprising. WWI was the reason for WWII. Without WWI, no fascism and no communism.Third of all, no WWI means that the Ottoman Empire and Austro Hungarian Empire might survive until 1925 due to ethnic chaos occurring in both empires.Fourth of all, no WWI means no WWII means no Cold War. Since the USSR isn't here, this means that nobody is really the superpower during the 20th century, because WWI allowed the USA to show its power and influence over the world.

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What is Bulgaria's historical connection to the Ottoman Empire?

Bulgaria was occupied by the Ottoman Empire from 1396-1878 and fought with Central Powers in World War I (like the Ottoman Empire). Bulgaria still has a large Muslim and Turkish minority.

Who spread Islam to countries like Albania and uzbakistan?

The Turkish, during the Ottoman empire

Why did ottoman empire not like the balkans?

because the ottoman empire does not like the food naklab. naklab is a combination of ottoman sheep, and ottoman babies. it is also balkan spelled backwards.

What was Germany Austria Hungary and Ottoman Empire during World War 1?

central powerCentral Powers... at least if you're doing nova net like me

Who allied with the Germans in World War 1?

Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire were part of the central powers like Germany

Did Britain like the Ottoman Empire?

Maybe they did, Maybe they didn't

Who was the leader in ottoman during world war 1?

Mehmet Resat was the ruler of Turkey during the 1st World War. Altough he was the official ruler of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was leading the country to overcome the sovereignity and bring back the democracy. Mehmet Resat died in July 1919. From July to November(last four months of World War) the last sultan of Turkey, Vahdettin, ruled the country as a representative of the Ottoman empire until the Armistice of Mudros was signed.

What is the Ottoman empire like now?

It ended in 1922, so it no longer exists.

Was Spain justified in conquering other lands?

Spain was no more or less justified in their foreign conquests than the numerous other peoples who have conquered and expanded their empires. During the period of primary Spanish conquest (1500s-1600s), there were numerous other empires around world that were expanding, like the Ottoman Empire, Safavid Empire, Mughal Empire, the Portuguese Empire, the Songhai Empire, and the Japanese Shogunate.

What type of Islam was the ottomans empire?

The Ottoman Empire was officially a SUNNI ISLAMIC STATE, and the place where the Caliph, the head of the Sunni Islamic World, resided. Shiite Islam suffered repression, sometimes quite severe, under Ottoman rule.

What did the Ottoman Empire do after WW1?

They split up the empire into different countries like turkey

Why did europeans like the break-up of the Ottoman Empire?

They wanted to control its prior territory.