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a sport that was held in the ancient greek Olympics

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Q: What was the Pancratium in ancient Greek times?
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What is pancratium?

Pancratium was an Ancient Olympic event that was a mix of wrestling and boxing. The only rules were no gouging an opponent's eyes and no biting.

What is Ancient Greek?

An Ancient Greek is a native or inhabitant of Ancient Greece, the Greek-speaking world of ancient times.

What is an Ancient Greek?

An Ancient Greek is a native or inhabitant of Ancient Greece, the Greek-speaking world of ancient times.

When was Pancratium maritimum created?

Pancratium maritimum was created in 1753.

What events were in the ancient olympics?

the footrace, the long jump, wrestling, boxing, and pancratium (a combination of the two)

Who came up with the Greek salad?

The Greek shepherds of ancient times

What was a exodos in ancient Greek times?

Ancient* Exodos is the final scene or ending scene in a Greek tragedy.

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Since the Ancient Greek times.

What was thebes?

Thebes was a city in ancient greek times!

When did Greek mythology start?

In Ancient Greece times.

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in ancient Greek times

When did numbers appear?

During the Ancient Greek times

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Ancient Greek times.

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During the ancient Greek times.

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Vodka and sprite

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Ancient Greek times

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In the Ancient Greek times in a place called Greece.

When was ancient Greek pottery made?

A long time ago, probably in ancient times.

What about Greek theater is the same as in ancient times?

the seats and colors

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Sparta (This is SPARTA!)

How did thongs benefit the athletes in ancient greek times?

it had a spin

How old is boxing?

It goes back to Ancient Greek times!

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16 or 17

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Artemis was worshipped in ancient Greek times.

When was Daedalus and Icarus written?

During Ancient Greek times.