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President Ronald Reagan orchestrated a doctrine which became known as the Reagan doctrine. It was developed to limit the influence of the USSR over the rest of the world.

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The Reagan doctrine consisted of effort to support resistance groups for communist pro-soviet government

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Who did the Reagan Doctrine aimed to?

The Reagan Doctrine aimed to prevent the spread of communism.

What did Reagan do to stop Communism?

He created the Reagan Doctrine. (apex)

Which was not a place where the US took action to support the Reagan Doctrine?

Venezuela was not a place where the US took action to support the Reagan Doctrine.

How did the Reagan Doctrine support conflict in the Middle East?

The Reagan Doctrine stated that the United States would support freedom fighters.

Did Ronald Reagan sighn the brezhnev doctrine?


How is the Reagan doctrine different from containment?


How did President Reagan use the monroe doctrine?

How did president Reagan use the monroe doctrin

What is the Reagan doctrine?

When Reagan became president he promised to stop communism all over the world.

What was the aim of the Reagan Doctrine?

To stop the spread of Communism

What was the after effect of the Reagan doctrine?

Re-unification of Germany and the fall of the Soviet Union.

How did Reagan Doctrine propose to change the thrust of American national security policy?

The Reagan Doctrine was pretty much a return to the ideas of John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State under Eisenhower. Reagan promised that the United States would support any anti-Communist struggle anywhere in the world. That meant economic, political, and military aid.

What law did Ronald Reagan put in effect that changed the way news was delivered?

He eliminated the fairness doctrine

The Reagan Doctrine was a major part of U.S. foreign policy during the final years of the Cold War. Which of the following best defines the Reagan Doctrine?

the policy of aiding resistance efforts in communist countries in order to roll back Soviet influence in the world

What did the Reagan doctrine call for the US do?

Among other things, it called for the US to protect its interests abroad through the existence of a strong military. If they think you can successfully invade, they (other countries) are less likely to encroach on your interests abroad. Also the Reagan Doctrine called for obvious and open loyalty to allies.

What did Ronald Reagan do to stop communism?

in the Reagan Doctrine, the US provided overt and covert aid to anti-communist guerrillas and movements in an effort to "roll back" Soviet-backed pro-communist governments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

What is the fundamental fairness doctrine?

The Fairness Doctrine was an FCC policy in the United States that forced broadcasters (TV and Radio) to present both sides of any issue with fairness and honesty, thus prohibiting the pundits that are so common today. This Fairness Doctrine was appealed by Mark S. Fowler who was appointed Chairman of the FCC by President Ronald Reagan. Even though presidential advisers told President Reagan that the Fairness Doctrine was the only thing saving him from the savageness of the three stations, Reagan knew that this violated the people's right to have free speech and he loved speech. The Fairness Doctrine was revoked and is now trying to be reinstated by many Democratic politicians, such as Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Peloci, and Richard Durbin. This is because democratic political views just can't and don't seem to make sense and therefore do not work for talk radio.

The policy that the US would provide military assistance to anti -communist groups fighting against pro-Soviet governments was called the?

The Reagan Doctrine

How did reagan help end the cold war?

Ronald Reagan ordered American troops to invade the tiny island of Grenada, which signaled the end of the Brezhnev Doctrine and brought about a sequence of events that brought down the Soviet Empire. It was the first time a Communist country had ceased to be Communist.

How many kids did President Ronald Reagan have?

Maureen Reagan Christine Reagan Michael Reagan (adopted) Patti Reagan Ron Reagan

What is nickname for Ronald Reagan?

Dutch Ronald Reagan or Dutch Reagan

What were Ronald Reagan's children named?

Maureen Reagan, Christine Reagan,Micheal Reagan,Patti Davis,and Ron Reagan

How do you say Reagan in spanish?

It would be the same. Saying Reagan in Spanish would be "Reagan".

What is the birth name of Reagan Guthrie?

Reagan Guthrie's birth name is Reagan Brown.

What is the birth name of Reagan Browne?

Reagan Browne's birth name is Reagan Brown.

Was Ronald Reagan gay?

No- Reagan was not gay.

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