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To conquer Eastern Europe

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Spread communism expand soviet empire and sphere of influence

Creating a buffer zone between the Soviet Union and Western Europe was their main goal.

He was the Soviet Unions leader during the Cold- War

The Axis powers, Italy, Nazi Germany, and Japan, but they were mostly fighting against the Nazi's.

Joseph Stalins main goal after the war was to spread comunism

They're allies were the U.S, France, and Britain. They're enemies were Germany, japan and Italy

In World War II the Soviet Unions allies were the United States and Great Britain along with the other members of the Allied Powers.

they didnt trust each other, after all they had debatedly opposite forms of government

The Soviet Union's (and more specifically, Joseph Stalin's) goals during World War II were two-fold. First, they wanted to destroy their most dangerous rival and belligerent, Nazi Germany. Secondly, they wished to expand their Soviet Communist system to control as many people and resources as possible.

The Soviet Union didn't exist in World War 1.

No. The Soviet Union did enter World War 2 but on the other side. Germany invaded and then forced the Soviet Union into the war

the goal was called the anaconda plan it was supposed to suffocate the Confederacy so they cant get they supplies and their goal was also to preserve thew union.

To expand and maintain his Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics (USSR), which included the defeat and occupation of Germany.

Joseph Stalin was the Soviet leader during World War 2.

Josef Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II.

The Soviet Union was established long before World War 2 began.

I believe about 10,700,000 military deaths in the Soviet Union for World War 11.

Labor unions realized how good they really had it after World War 1. When the recession hit, they recruited more members. There were new laws put into play that benefited unions and that made for better working conditions for unions.

Yes. The tension between the Soviet Union with its goal of Communism and the western democracies , incl the USA was/is called the cold war. (A war without fighting.)

Their goal was to have the most powerful weapons in the world, but US intervened and the war became known as the Cold war

The people of WW2 were Pro-labor Labor Unions thrived

Marshal Georgy Zhukov is regarded as the best soviet general of World War 2.