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We don't know we weren't there to witness it :( :(

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What dynasty is emperor tang from?

The Tang Dynasty

When did the tang dynasty collapse?

There was no Tang dynasty. Are you referring to the Shang dynasty? I can answer that.

Did the sui dynasty become an imperial state?

No the Tang Dynasty did. No the Tang Dynasty did.

What did the Tang dynasty invent?

they invented paper, gunpowder, made silk and stuff like that, though not sure if it was in tang dynasty though

What did the Tang Dynasty do differently for the Sui Dynasty?

They made the Tang Dynasty lose everything.

What was the tang dynasty like?

John Nah ruled it

What happened in the tang dynasty?

The Tang Dynasty went into decline after it was torn apart by internal rebellions. The Tang Dynasty was replaced by the Song Dynasty led by Taizu.

What dynasty came after the tang?

The Song Dynasty was established after the Fall of Tang.

What religions did the tang dynasty have?

Buddhism was introduced by that time in the Tang Dynasty.

What land was included in the Tang Dynasty?

what land was included in the tang dynasty

What kind of government jobs did tang dynasty have?

they had farming, traders, craftsmen, and rulers

What came after the Tang dynasty?

The Tang dynasty was followed by the Song dynasty which was established by Song Taizu.

Who was tang taizong?

Tang Taizong is a emperor from the tang dynasty. He was open minded and compassion towards situations between his dynasty and the Sui dynasty.

Why did the tang dynasty create a bureaucracy?

To give many people government jobs and to make government accessible

How did different social classes in the tang dynasty affect government?

they made the government collapse and get killed by the emperor

What dynasty followed the Tang?

It was followed by the Song Dynasty, it was established by Song Taizu after the fall of the Tang Dynasty.

What medicine did the tang dynasty use?

They weren't called the "tang" dynasty for nothing.

When did Later Tang Dynasty end?

Later Tang Dynasty ended in 936.

When was Later Tang Dynasty created?

Later Tang Dynasty was created in 923.

Who is after tang dynasty?

The Song Dynasty

Which Chinese philosophy formed the basis for Korea's government during the Tang dynasty?


What Chinese philosophy formed the basis for Korea's government during the tang dynasty?


Who was the greatest ruler of the tang dynasty?

The greatest ruler of the Tang Dynasty was Li Shimin. He was founded the Tang Dynasty together with his father. He was born in Wugong County.

Han tang and song dynasty?

han is first dynasty tang and song dynasty is time of great inventions

Who is the emperor in tang dynasty?

Gaozu of Tang