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What was the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising?


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December 11, 2009 12:30AM

Please do not confuse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April-May 1943 with the much larger Warsaw Uprising of August-October 1944 by the Polish resistance (Home Army).

In the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (April-May, 1943) a small number of Jews still in the Warsaw Ghetto rose in rebellion against the Judenrat and the Nazis. Obviously, they did not stand a chance against the SS, but at least they went down fighting. The Nazis burned down every building in the ghetto.

The later Warsaw Uprising of 1944 was unrelated to the earlier ghetto uprising, though a handful of the 34 Jewish survivors of the ghetto uprising, such as Zivia Lubetkin, took part in both.


After the supression of the uprising the Warsaw Ghetto or part of it was turned into a concentration camp, but very little is known about that camp.