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What was the Winnipeg general strike?

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The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 was one of the most influential strikes in Canadian history. It resulted in much improved working conditions for millions of Canadians.J.S. Woodsworth, a strike leader who was briefly imprisoned, would go on to found Canada's first socialist political party, the Co-operativeCommonwelth Federation, which was he forerunner of the New Democratic Party. After World War I many Canadian soldiers returned home to find few opportunities, all the while companies had enjoyed enormous profits on war contracts. Wages and working conditions were dismal and labour regulations were mostly non-existent.

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Where did the Winnipeg general strike take place?

The Winnipeg General Strike happened in, of all places, Winnipeg. In fact, that's why it's called the Winnipeg General Strike.

When did Winnipeg General Strike happen?

Winnipeg General Strike happened in 1919.

Where did the Winnipeg General Strike happen?

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Winnipeg general strike in 1919?

who were the major players in the winnipeg general stike in 1919

What has the author Peter Kidd written?

Peter Kidd has written: 'The Winnipeg general strike' -- subject(s): General Strike, Winnipeg, Man., 1919

What significant event took place in 1919 Winnipeg?

The Winnipeg General Strike.

Why did the labor workers go on strike in the Winnipeg General Strike?

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Why is the Winnipeg General Strike a defining moment?


What did the government do about the Winnipeg General Strike?

They sent in the Mounties.

What happened AFTER the Winnipeg General Strike was over?

They forgot about it.

How did the Winnipeg General Strike come to an end?

The Winnipeg general strike came to an end because most of the strikers got arrested, killed, or injured on "Bloody Saturday"

One dramatic example of labor unrest in 1919 was a general strike in?

A general strike was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

What major event happened in Winnipeg in 1919?

A general strike.

What group or individual were involved in the Winnipeg general strike?

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3 How long did the Winnipeg General Strike last?

The Winnipeg General Strike lasted a total of 43 days, beginning on May 10th, 1919, and ending with "Bloody Saturday" which was June 21st, 1919.

When did the Winnipeg general strike happen?

may 15 to June 25, 1919

Dates of the Winnipeg General Strike?

it started may 10 and ended June 21.

How many people died during the Winnipeg general strike?

40 thousand canadians

What happened after the Winnipeg General Strike?

The police came into role and tried stopping the strike with violence. This day was known as 'Bloody Saturday'.

What caused the Winnipeg general strike?

The Winnipeg General Strike is something that would have occurred eventually in life. This strike was caused by employers Miss treating there employees also they were not getting good working conditions, they pretty much worked for free, were having to work long days, and everything we have today they didn't . The people of Winnipeg decided to take charge and get what they deserved and it was for the better.

What happened before the Winnipeg General Strike?

World War I came to an end on 11 November 1918.

When did the Winnipeg General Strike begin?

1919 ended later in the year after the death of two people and hundreds injured.

What did the city of Winnipeg police do during the Winnipeg strike?

Eat doughnuts.

Was the Winnipeg General Strike a failure or a success for the workers?

success because of the labour movement that took place 20years later

When was Winnipeg General Hospital created?

Winnipeg General Hospital was created in 1872.