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The original strategy recommended by the Union General-in-Chief, Winfield Scott on the outbreak of war in 1861.

It depended on a sealing of the border, and a blockade of the Southern ports, to starve the South. Then a drive down the Mississippi to divide the Confederacy in two. Finally, send in the troops to destroy their weakened forces.

At a time when most people expected a short, glorious and largely bloodless war, this plan was derided for being too slow and cumbersome. The press labelled it the 'Anaconda' to indicate slow strangulation.

After much trial and error, the Union eventually put into effect a plan that was very like this one, though Scott was long retired by then.

Scott is credited as one of the very few officers on either side who realized it would be a long war, one of the others being Sherman.

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Q: What was the andaconda plan?
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