What was the ark in this story?

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The ark is a boat that Noah was on.

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Q: What was the ark in this story?
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The longest story in the Bible?

What is the longest story in the bible?I

Where will you find the story about Noah and the Ark?

in the bible

Did Noah's ark have archives for the bees?

Ummm, No there were no bee's on Noah's ark. Since Noah's ark wasn't REAL. It's a story.

What testament is Noah and the ark in?

The story of Noah and the ark is found in the first book of the old testament Genesis.

Where can one find the story about Noah's ark?

The story of Noah's ark is found in the Holy Bible. It is found in the book of Genesis and it is also well known. There have been movies made about this story also.

Why is Noah's ark a great Bible story?

The story of Noah is important as we must remember Noah built the ark in faith as there was no water around it.And the people joked at him.

Does Noah's Ark still exist?

AnswerSome live in hope that Noah's Ark will one day be found. However, scholars say that the story of Noah's Ark is really based on an even older myth in the Epic of Gilgamesh. If the story is a myth, there never was a Noah's Ark and it will never be found.

Why is the story of noah's ark important?

First off, Noah's ark is not a story. It is REAL. The account of Noah's ark is important because it shows us that God is not just a loving person. He can be violent. I think we make Noah's ark a children's story because we don't want to think about the fact that just as God can be loving and gentle, He can be just as violent.

What does the rainbow represent in noah's ark?

There is mass confusion over this biblical story,The story of noah's ark is in fact an elaborate metaphor to explain the rainbow as one of the wonders of nature

What did horse eat inside the ark?

Magical pixie dust from Neverland. Protip: There was no ark. It's a nonsense story for idiots.

What book of the Old Testament has the story of Noah's ark?

The book of Genesis includes the story of Noah's ark and the great flood. The story may be found in chapters 6-8. It's the second story in the book, after the story of Noah's ancestors Adam and Eve in chapters 2-5.

What is nowers ark Christian or Jewish?

Noah's ark is an old testament story which means it is true for both jewish and christian people.

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