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They were very angry

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David Mabula

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Akin Azi

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Different people have different views

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the way they think

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Q: What was the attitude of different people towards the separate amenities act or law during apartheid?
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What is the literal meaning of apartheid?

To keep separate

Apartheid in South Africa in 1948?

The practice of providing separate amenities, segregation and discrimination was already well entrenched before 1948 by the British colonialists. The Nationalist government made the segregation more extensive and more demoralising, and gave it the name Apartheid, to promote their view that there should be separate development between white and non-white races.

What does's apartheid mean?

It means 'to keep separate'.

Deliberate efforts to keep groups separate?


What is a way to describe apartheid?

It is the separation of races. E.g. Separate living areas, separate bathrooms, ect...

What is the apartheid in World War 2?

Apartheid had nothing to do with World War 2.It was a separate issue occurring in South Africa after 1948

What does Separateness mean?

To keep apart or to separate sort of like apartheid and segregation

What is the author's attitude or tone toward A Separate Peace?

== ==

Apartheid in a sentence?

Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning 'apart' or 'separate' and adopted as a system of legal racial separation in South Africa from 1948 until 1993.

How did Apartheid affect people?

Apartheid means to separate races. So, it effected them obviously because they were all separated and coloreds didn't have as many rights as many whites did.

what attitudes people had towards the law (separate amenities act)?

rude thats probaly how they act

What is the term for providing separate facilities for people according to their race?

segregation (or apartheid in some places)

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