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Q: What was the balkan crisis?
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What happend in the 1st balkan crisis of 1908?

In the first Balkan War, it was the Balkan League versus the Ottoman Empire. The Balkan League consisted of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro. The result of the First Balkan War was a victory for the Balkan League, in which all members acquired Ottoman land.

What is the Balkan Crisis of 1908?

The Balkan Crisis of 1908 was the Annexation of Bosnia by Austria-Hungary despite the vocal complaints from the Serbs who wanted the territory with its 3 million Serbs. Prelude to World War 1 and assassination of Archduke to start WW1. Also responsible for having Serbia join the Balkan League to fight Turkey in the 1st Balkan War.

What caused the the World War 1?

Nationalism and millitarism Balkan crisis racism

How did the Balkan crisis help cause World War 1?

because he wanted to.

To what extent were the balkan crisis the cause of World War 1?

they led to the assassination of archduke franz Ferdinand

Forces that led to World War 1?

* The Balkan Crisis * Alliances * Arms race * Militarism * Imperialism * Nationalism

What penisula is greece on?

The Balkan Peninsula. The Balkan Peninsula.

What is Balkan nationalism?

Balkan nationalism refers to the desire of the various ethnic groups living on the Balkan Peninsula to have countries of their own. Balkan nationalism led to World War 1.

Where is balkan mountains located?

Southeastern Europe; the Balkan Peninsula.

What peninsula is in balkan?

The Balkans are a peninsula itself: the Balkan Peninsula.

How tall is Arzu Balkan?

Arzu Balkan is 160 cm.

When was FC Balkan created?

FC Balkan was created in 1960.

Who is aral balkan?

Aral Balkan is an entrepreneur and an advocate for democracy. Balkan is part of the tech world, and is the creator of Indie Phone.

What is the duration of Balkan Express?

The duration of Balkan Express is 1.7 hours.

What is the duration of Balkan Spy?

The duration of Balkan Spy is 1.58 hours.

When was Balkan Inc. created?

Balkan Inc. was created in 2006.

On what continent are the Balkan Mountains located?

The Balkan Mountains are located in Europe.

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Balkan history and geography?

book on topic history of the Balkan states

Is Romania a Balkan state?

Geographically Romania is not a Balkan country - Balkan mountains are on the South of Danube and Romania is at the north. But as history, religion, cuisine, folklore and culture Romania is very near to Balkan region.

Where did the albanian's come from?

albanians came from nowhere we have been always in balkan we are the only autochthonous and native nation in balkan and the oldest nation of balkan maybe of Europe we are offspring of illyrian tribes which have lived overall in balkan

What peninsula is Greece located on?

Greece is part of the larger BALKAN PENINSULA.

Who is balkan Hitler?

who is the balkan hitler? there are a couple .. but Slobodan Milosevic tops that list

Which continent is the balkan mountains located?

Europe, on the Balkan peninsula (Serbia and Bulgaria).

When was Fuat Balkan born?

Fuat Balkan was born on 1887-08-28.