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About how many american soldiers died in the american revolution?

There were approximately 25,000 American soldiers that died in the American Revolution. The British lost around 20,000 soldiers during the war.

How many US soldiers were sent to Haiti?

around 10,000 American soldiers were sent to Haiti

Where was the first battle between the American and the British soldiers?

Up your but around the corner

How many soldiers were killed in Europe after Germany surrendered?

Around 50 million people died, and half of them were civil.

How do American soldiers protect the US or keep US safe besides fighting in war?

They Don't They Just Sit Around Like Lazy Gits !American Soldiers Are Nothing But Low Life's They Cant Do Shiz All!

Did the British forces know that American soldiers would gather in or around Charleston on June 17?

I don't know

How many soldiers were in the battle of Guadalcanal?

During the Battle of Guadalcanal in August 1942 to February of 1943, approximately 100,000 soldiers fought in the jungles of the small island. Around 60,000 American soldiers were involved, with over 36,000 Japanese soldiers opposing them. It should not be overlooked that many sailors and airmen were also involved above and around the land-battle.

What percentage of German soldiers died during world war 2?

Germany had 20.7 Million people serving in the war and around 5 Million were killed. That is a loss of around 24%.

How many soldiers did Germany have in World War 2?

Germany had 13,600,000 people in the Army, 2,500,000 in the Air Force and 1,200,000 in the Navy, plus around 1 million SS troops. millons think so

How many us military died in ww ii?

Around 416 800 American soldiers died in World War 2.

What age do most girls stop playing with their American girl dolls?

At around 6-8 years.

How many people died in one day in the Civil War?

Around 625000 soldiers were killed in the American Civil War; over the roughly 4.5 years of combat this amounts to about 380 soldiers per day in total.

Who is the us fighting in the Iraq war?

the American and ENGLISH soldiers are fighting against the taliban and other mast terrorist groups around the area of Iraq

What vehicle Carry's the weapons around for the soldiers?

Soldiers carry their weapons themselves...

Where is Luxembourg on the Europe map?

Germany, It's in Germany or around Germany. :)

What supplies did union soldiers carry?

the union soldiers carried around many things :)

How many soldiers did Adolf Hitler have?

Adolf Hitler had around 50,000-100,000 soldiers.

How Many Iraqi Insurgents have been killed in Iraq.?

Just around 19000, but the fighting has decreases seen 2004 which the American soldiers killed 6.3k insurgents.

The number of blacks in the Union army?

African American soldiers in the Civil War numbered around 180,000. This made up about 10 percent of the Union Army.

How many American soldiers in world war 1?

The total number of US combatants in WWI was around 4,355,000.

How many US military were killed during World War 2?

Around 460,000-480,000 soldiers. Although a large number, it is relatively small compared to Germany and especially Russia.

What did Thomas Paine do to try to help the colonists?

Thomas Paine motivated the Continental Army and colonies by writing pieces such as Common Sense, and The American Crisis. Washington passed copies of them around the soldiers, and read them aloud to the soldiers who could not read.

When did Germany begin?

Germany began around 1019

Did Adolf Hitler kill African-Americans?

No. African-Americans are specifically Blacks who live in the United States. While there were likely African-American soldiers in the US Army killed by the German Army, none were killed in the Holocaust since Nazi Germany never occupied the United States. If the question is asking whether Blacks were killed, then YES. There were around 24,000 Blacks in Nazi Germany who were targeted for elimination.

Is there a place were all the soldiers of World War 2 are buried?

There is no single place. The soldiers are buried in cemeteries around the world and around their countries.