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Q: What was the biggest impact on World War 1?
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Biggest war in history?

world war 1

What were effect of World War 1?

I am not being facetious: The biggest effect of World War I was World War II.

Did World War 1 have a positive impact on the world?

yes it did

In World War 1 who had the biggest population?


How did the British impact on World War 1?

Because they fought in the war

What was the biggest problem America faced after entry into World War 1?

world 2 war

How did Artillery impact World War 1?

it didnt

How did world war 1 impact baseball?

It didn't.

What impact did the us have in World War 1?


What impact did World War 1 have on the World?

divided and weak Germany

What is the biggest maritime disaster?

world war 1 and 2

Who had the biggest empire in beginning of world war 1?