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what was the biggest trade in colonial North Carolina

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The colonial South Carolina economy was based on agriculture and trade. The basically traded in agricultural produce and slaves who provided manual labor.

The economy had its ups and downs during colonial time in North Carolina. While commerce and the early slave trade flourished, most farmers were assessed high taxes. These taxes, of course, were paid to the British sovereigns. As a result, the colonials found it difficult to secure profitability in the New World.

Children that were school-age in North Carolina were taught at home. They were taught at home by their parents or a private tutor that your parents paid to educate you. When these kids became teenagers, they would go off to Europe or college. Girls in North Carolina did not go to school. They were taught how to knit clothes by their parents. Some boys in North Carolina were taught a trade so that they could continue the family business when their father retired. Most boys would go to school and learn a trade. Some boys learned to read and write.

Lack of a central capital, and both areas had separate interest in business and trade.

it was founded for profit from trade and selling land.

Virginia, North / South Carolina, and Georgia.

New York and Philadelphia were the Middle Colonies' biggest cities. They had large ports with heavy traffic and trade.

Virginia, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New Hampshire were founded for profit and trade.

A huge balance-of-trade deficit that threatened the solvency of the colonial economy

for religious reasons or for jobsANSWER:The main reason for the colony of North Carolina, was for agriculture.The main reasons for the colony of South Carolina, was for agriculture and trade.

so they could trade land to make a profit

they traded with the HBC posts all around north america

Ebay or if you collect you can trade in for one you like at a coin shop.

The five states that were suppliers in the internal slave trade were Virgina, North and South Carolina, and Gerogia.

great britain sought to control colonial trade because

If you trade cars, you can move your plate to the new car.

The triangular trade affected the Colonial Planters in the sense that it made it easy for the colonial planters to trade the cotton and products they were growing to South America in exchange for goods they needed.

What did England do to tighten its control over colonial trade

a colonial merchant is a person in colonial times who keeps track of general stores and trade goods

There different aspects of kind of fur -trade that colonial Delaware had. The most common was barter trade where the fur was traded with other things.

The triangular trade affected colonial planters in a detrimental way. The triangular trade directed their products to South America, where prices were undercut.

They were only aloud to trade with England

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