What was the blues brothers car called?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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The "Blues Brothers car was called the, 'The Bluesmobile'

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Q: What was the blues brothers car called?
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Who are the Blues Brothers and when did they die?

they are to brothers and they formed a band and called there slef the blues brothers and they died march 18 2008

What movie had the most police car crashes?

Blues Brothers

What kind of car do the blues brothers drive?

In the original movie, they drove a 1974 Dodge Monaco that was (for the story's sake) a decommissioned police car. In Blues Brothers 2000, they drove a 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria (also a decommissioned police car).

What was the first blues brothers film?

The Blues Brothers (1980)

In the Blues Brothers what does Jake tell Elwood to fix on the car before it can be the new blues mobile?

the cigarette lighter, which he had just thrown out of the window

What type of music is the Blues Brothers known for?

The Blues Brothers are known for making blues and soul music. The band was created for a sketch on Saturday Night Live. They appeared three times on the show, released an album called Briefcase full of blues.

What are the first names of the Blues Brothers?

The first names of the Blues Brothers are Jake Blues and Elwood Blues.

When was The Blues Brothers Show created?

The Blues Brothers Show was created in 1992.

When was The Blues Brothers released?

The Blues Brothers was released on 06/20/1980.

Who is the blues brotherhood a tribute to the blues brothers?

The Blues Brotherhood a Tribute to The Blues Brothers is a nine piece, with horn section, show band paying tribute to the original Blues Brothers. They are based in northeast Pennsylvania.

Who are the people that play the blues?

Blues Brothers

Did Dan Aykroyd really play the harmonica in the Blue's Brothers movie?

Yes I do believe so . They had a band called "Blues Brothers" and one the places they played was House of Blues in LA