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They were called ''The Blitz''

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Where were London children evacuated to during World War 2?

From london to devon cornwall and cardiff

Who ruled London during WORLD WAR 11?

No one occupied London except for the brits

Was London in the blitzkrieg during world war 2?

Yes it Was, in fact East London was the targeted city.

What destroyed most of London during World War 2?

Bombs and fires destroyed much of London.

Who was the American brodcaster in London during world war 2?

Edward R Murrow..............WW2 broadcaster out of London..............

What are the place took in east London during world war 2?

Maybe you mean Tooting in South London.

Where is the world's biggest zoo?

the biggest zoo in the world is in london it is called london zoo and there are 17519 animals there

Were children living in London sent away during World War 2?

Yes, they were evacuated to less densely populated parts of the country & were called Evacuees.

Why was london bombed during the world war2 and why was the rural areas not?

London was bombed during World War 2 because the Nazis were attempting to demoralize the city. The country was not attacked because more people lived in the city.

Is London a state country or city?

London, England is the capital city of the United Kingdom but there are other cities called London in other parts of the world.

Where did the soldiers sleep during world war 1?

no they sleep at the travvel lodge in London

What happened to the London Docks during world war 2?

They were bombed by the German luftwaffe.

Were any American soldiers stationed in the South-East London area during World War 2?

During World War 2 there were, and still are, soldiers stationed all over Europe. It is possible, though not confirmed, that there were American soldiers stationed in South-East London during World War 2.

What happened to evacuees once they left London?

Evacuees of London, England during World War II, most of them children, were sent to towns and cities that were north of London, England. Many citizens of London, England stayed in underground shelters overnight during the bombings. They had to leave them during the day and then stand in line to get back into them at night.

Where is east London?

East London is the name of a city in South Africa. It could also refer to the geographcal east of the city of London in England, or the east of the other cities in the world called London.

Most bombed capital city during the World War 2?

London was the most bombed capital city during WW2 .

Where are the famous places during World War 2?

London Hiroshima Pearl Harbor Halifax

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