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The cavaliers name before the cavaliers was Cleveland Cavaliers. MO GOTTI FU LEBRON

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Q: What was the cavaliers name before cavaliers?
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How did the Virginia cavaliers get their name?

There where a lot of Cavaliers in Virginia during the Civil War.

What is another name for parliamentarians?


Did the cavaliers have a different name when they came to the nba?

No they have always been the Cleveland cavaliers but they have had about 5 different Logos.

What is the name of the Cleveland cavaliers cheerleaders?


What can be seen on the logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers has a basketball in the background, with a cavaliers sword piercing the name of the basketball team. The logo features the teams "wine and gold" colors.

What is the name of the basketball team in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

What team was Antwan Jamison on before he was traded to the Cavaliers?

Washington Wizards

What is the name of the cavaliers arena?

it is called the Quicken Loans Arena.

What team was lebron james before heat?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Who's number 23 on the Cleveland cavaliers?

His name is LeBron James!

What name was given to those that supported Britain and its king?

Royalists or cavaliers.

What location does the red and white cavaliers name come from?

Bleheim palace