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What was the climate in Ancient Persia?

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The climate was warm but occasionally it did rain in the northern area.

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Where was ancient Persia located?

ancient Persia is in IranAncient Persia was located approximately where Iran is now.

Ancient Persia is known today as Afghanistan?

Ancient Persia would now be Iran.

What were the achievements of ancient Persia?

Ancient Persia Conquered Greece and killed the Spartans that's 1

What was the word for a governor in ancient Persia governor?

A governor of a province in ancient Persia was known as a satrap.

What is the exact location of ancient Persia?

Iran is the modern nation of what was known as ancient Persia, which no longer exists; it has not moved.

What is the location of ancient Persia?

The location of ancient Persian is in Iran

What was the ancient name for Iraq?


What was the ancient capital of Persia?


How was life in ancient Persia?


What is now ancient Persia?


What was the government of ancient Persia?


What were the advanced cities of Ancient Persia?

Advanced cities of Ancient Persia were the Persepolis, Susa, and the Ecbatana. Persepolis was the capital of the Persian kingdom.

What was the climate of ancient Egypt?

The climate of Ancient Egypt is hot desert climate.

What was ancient Persian transportation?

Chariots were often used in Ancient Persia

How big is persia?

There is not a country called Persia at present. Today's Iran was called Persia in ancient times. Now it is 1.68sq km.

What were ancient Persia farming?

wheat and barley

Who were the ancient Greeks enemies?

Persia and nuns

What was the population of ancient Persia?


What is Satraps?

A governor of a province in Ancient Persia

What is the modern name for ancient Persia?


What was the legacy of ancient Persia?

Probably the domes.

What is the division of labor in ancient Persia?

they didnt

Who was ancient Greeks main enemy?

It was the persia

Persepolis was ancient capital of which empire?


What were the politics of ancient Persia?

Religious autocracy