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In arriving at the cost of university. students and parents should consider (1) Tuition, books and supplies

(2) Board and lodging

(3) Travel cost to and from home

(4) Clothes and recreation

(5) Exigencies (urgent needs such as dental, accident,nedications A four year university course in Arts will cost on average $40,000, in Science $50,000 and in Medicine $75,000. To offset these expenses a student may find part time employment and quaify for student loans so that upon graduation his debts may be as low as $25,000, easily paid back in the first five to ten years of employment. In some households, graduates are expected as well to pay back parents, so that any enheritance funds, upon the death of his/her parents would be replenished to allow equal distribution to all beneficiaries. Total costs do vary with different universities, the most expensive (by 10 tp 20%) are Harvard, Cornell, Yale, MIT and Darmouth. The least expensive universities are State run insitutions.

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Q: What was the cost of attending Harvard University in 1997?
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How much does food cost at Harvard university?

about 1,000

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How much does room and board cost in Harvard University?

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

What are the tuitions for Harvard university?

Harvard is a very expensive private school. It would cost about $36,922.00. That is for the whole year. It is about $4626.00 for one semester.

What will be the cost of one year at university?

It really depends on the University, a community college might cost a couple thousand dollars as opposed to Harvard which costs a lot of money!

How much does it cost attending Columbia university?

To attend Columbia, it cost about 50,000 dollars a year. It also about $60 to apply.

How much was the tuition to Harvard University per year in 1920?

It cost $200.00 per year.

What is the cost of room board books food and clothes for 4 years at Harvard?

The 2013-2014 cost of attending Harvard College without financial aid is $60,000 for tuition, room, board and fees combined. So, assuming minor inflation, that's about a quarter of a million dollars for a 4 year education at Harvard. However, most students at Harvard have grants or scholarships reducing the full cost. Source for this information is Harvard.Answer 2: I have heard in the 40-50 thousand year range. Why go there when there are plenty of good universities that give as good or better education for less money?Answer 3:Actually, Harvard university cost 40-50 thousand dollars per semester, and lower ranking and cheaper colleges do provide an education but lack common sense, so Harvard and other ivy league colleges provide a more stable environment while providing a higher ranking education in more then just studies.

What is the cost of attending a Diploma Program at most colleges?

what is the cost of attending a diploma program

What cost less attending university or college?

Tuition and fees are different for every school. It doesn't matter whether they are a university or college. University just means that they offer graduate programs. I recommend going to the websites or calling the admissions office of the schools you are interested in. They will fill you in on how much everything will cost.