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What was the cost of attending Harvard University in 1997?


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In arriving at the cost of university. students and parents should consider (1) Tuition, books and supplies

(2) Board and lodging

(3) Travel cost to and from home

(4) Clothes and recreation

(5) Exigencies (urgent needs such as dental, accident,nedications A four year university course in Arts will cost on average $40,000, in Science $50,000 and in Medicine $75,000. To offset these expenses a student may find part time employment and quaify for student loans so that upon graduation his debts may be as low as $25,000, easily paid back in the first five to ten years of employment. In some households, graduates are expected as well to pay back parents, so that any enheritance funds, upon the death of his/her parents would be replenished to allow equal distribution to all beneficiaries. Total costs do vary with different universities, the most expensive (by 10 tp 20%) are Harvard, Cornell, Yale, MIT and Darmouth. The least expensive universities are State run insitutions.