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Germany was controlled by the dictator Adolf Hitler in WWII.

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Q: What was the country controlled by Hitler?
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What country did Hitler controlled?


What country did Adolf Hitler controlled?


Why did Hitler hate the US?

Hitler considered the United States of America to be a mongrelized country, controlled by the Jews.

Who controlled Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler?

Hitler controlled Germany when he was the leader of Germany.

How did Hitler feel leading another country?

Hitler felt powerful of being in control of the Jews. He was also pleased that he had so many followers. Adolf Hitler believed in fascism, and controlled Germany.

How did Hitler control the Country?

if you mean Germany then used propaganda, terror and controlled education other countries he invaded them

Was Hitler controlled by Jesuits?


How did Hitler control his nation?

Hitler controlled his nation by fear.

How did Hitler turn Germany into police state after 1933?

Once hitler made germany a 1 party country , He made the german states controlled by the secrete police (The Gestapo)

Who controlled the Nazi party?

Adolf Hitler did.

Who controlled Spain prior to Napoleon?


Which country did Hitler control?

In the end he controlled many countries, starting in Germany he took Austria peacefully, then took Czechoslovakia, Poland etc

Was Hitler a country?

No, Hitler was a person.

How did Hitler make use of the media to get support?

He controlled it

What country did Aldof Hitler represent?

Aldof Hitler represented the country Germany.

What was the significance of the allied victories?

It meant that Hitler no longer controlled Europe and Japan no longer controlled the Pacific.

Was Adolf Hitler controlled by Satan?

psh yea he was lol

How did Hitler controlled and capture Germany?

it took him 40 years!

What country did Hitler belong to?

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian

Who owns the copyrights to The Producers and specifically to the song Springtime for Hitler?

"Springtime for Hitler" is controlled by Sony/ATV in Nashville.

Which country was controlled by France?

Algeria was controlled by France.

What country is Adolf Hitler from?

Adolf Hitler was from Austria.

How did Hitler use controlled participation?

Excluded the jews. That's one.

How did hitler control the masses?

Used propaganda and Terror and Controlled education

What was the name of Hitler s party?

The Nazis. They controlled the concentration camps.