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What was the daily life of knights like?

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The lives of the modern knights concluded mostly of training and practice of their skill and weapons. And when the time came, they would go off into war or invasions or save the cities from attack. Your welcom! :)

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Daily Life of a Knight in the Middle AgesThe daily life of a knight in the Middle ages followed a similar schedule to that of his lord or the noble he served. The Daily life of a Knight during the Middle ages centred around castles or Manors or fighting for his lord and the King during times of war. Much of his time was spent on honing his weapons skills and keeping his levels of fitness high. The daily life of knights can be described as follows:The daily life of a Knight started at dawn when Mass would be heard and prayers would be madeThe first meal of the day for the Knight was breakfastKnights would engage in weapons practise at the quintain and the pellThe daily life of the Knights would include discussions on warfare strategy and increasing his knowledge of siege warfare and weaponsMid morning prayers and a mealAs the Medieval period progressed the culture changed becoming more refined and elegant. Knights were expected to understand the rules of Chivalry and courtly love. Time might be spent on dance practiseIn the afternoon the daily life of Knights turned to increasing their skills in horsemanship and would accompany their lord in hunting, hawking or inspecting the estateEvening prayer and then supper in the Hall of the Castle or Manor HouseAfter supper there might be some entertainment - music, dancing, jugglers, acrobats, jesters, etcBedtime prayersalso protected the kingdomSo ended the daily life of a Medieval Knight during the Middle Ages.

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