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Q: What was the date Olivia brown made her sculpture the scruffy terrier?
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When was Olivia Brown born?

Olivia Brown was born on 1960-04-10.

Why would a westhighland terrier have a light brown nose?

not a pedigree westhighland terrier.

Are Sophina Brown and Olivia brown related?


How can you tell if your dog is a Cairn terrier or Norwich Terrier?

Norwich terriers are only brown (or have a brown stripe down their back) and have thick wire hair. Cairn Terrier fur is light brown and can have a little black--usually around ears and nose/beard (others are all black), and is much softer and not as dense as a norwich terrier.

What has the author Blanche R Brown written?

Blanche R. Brown has written: 'Royal portraits in sculpture and coins' -- subject(s): Coins, Greek, Expertising, Greek Coins, Hellenistic Portrait sculpture, Ny Carlsberg glyptotek, Portrait sculpture, Portrait sculpture, Hellenistic, Portraits

What actors and actresses appeared in Olivia - 1965?

The cast of Olivia - 1965 includes: Dagmar Altrichter as Olivia Brown Margot Leonard as Diana Fletcher Else Quecke as Mrs. Polton Fritz Wepper as Oliver Brown

What color eyes do Olivia carmichael have?

brown ")

What kinda dog breed does Chris Brown have?

A pitbull terrier

What breed of dog has a mixture of big and small light brown or brown spots on it's body and I think it's a terrier but I don't know which kind?

It is most likely a:Jack Russell TerrierParson Russell TerrierRussell TerrierSmooth Fox TerrierWire Fox TerrierMore description is needed to figure out which breed is it.

What is a Jack Russell Terrier?

A type of small dog, usually brown and white coloured, often used by farmers for rodent controla jackrussel terrier is atype of dog a jackrussel terrier is a type of dog

What are the names of Len Brown's Children?

Samantha, Olivia and Victoria

What does a Welsh Terrier dog look like?

Of course as a puppy they look different.. My Welsh Terrier pup is now 5 months old and when i got her she was 2 months. They are very scruffy and dark coloring As puppies they are mainly black with brown around their face and legs. They are a little smaller then medium sized dogs. Their ears don't stick up but they are not droopy. Black/brown eyes and the cutest snout :) As adults they look quit different. Still very adorable though !!! Much more brown. There faces and bodies are mainly light brown all over. Although they have a black saddle like patch on their back. Their face features stay the same though their snouts grow longer in proportion. Welsh Terriers looks are very distinguished ad they make great dogs :)

What are some hair styles to do for long straight thin brown hair?

well, you can put in a pony, curl and backcomb it, dye it if neccessary keep it down, backcomb because that is what is out, the scruffy look, don't make it tooo neat and you can put it in a neat bun or a scruffy one....follow me on twiiter @nabiya_torres

Are Sophina Brown of TV show Numbers related to Olivia Brown of Miami Vice TV series?

No, they are not related.

What does jade Olivia look like?

Jade has long brown hair, brown eyes, she is at a healthy weight. She is beautiful. :)

If a Boston terrier has a blue and a brown eye is it deaf?

My dog is like that and he is not deaf.

Why did Richard Serra call his sculpture Charlie Brown?

It was in honour of Charles Schultz

What is Selena Gomez's kind of prince?

Brown hair,tall,green eyes,kind,take care of her,facial hair is scruffy,goffy,little serious,not famous !

Are there light and dark brown toy fox terriers?

As an over all color, no. but a toy fox terrier can have light/dark brown markings.

What breed of dog was tiger in the buster brown ads?

According to the history of Buster Brown Shoe Company, Buster Brown's dog (called "Tige") was an American Pit Bull Terrier.

What does a Yorkshire Terrier look like?

Yorshire Terriers are small with black-brown fur colour.

Where is the Charlie Brown sculpture?

The "Peanuts" characters can be found in the Landmark Plaza - Saint Paul, Minnesota .

What dog breeds have a brown colour by nature?

There are many breeds of dog that are naturally brown and many shades of brown. Some examples are the Brussels Griffon, the Barbet, the Irish Setter and the Irish terrier.

White dog with brown spots?

Some Great Danes are white with brown spots. A beagle is another type of dog that can be white and have brown spots. A third type is the Jack Russell Terrier.

What color eyes do sian pritchard have?

brown. just like Olivia carmichael :L