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It's possible that diamonds were discovered in India as long ago as 6,000 years.

Without documentation, it might be difficult to settle on a precise year in which diamonds were first mined.

Initially, it's understandable that diamonds were found far from their point of origin, having been washed into riverbeds by water running over the diamond pipe.

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Q: What was the date the first diamonds were mined?
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Yes, diamonds are mined.

What is mined to get diamonds?

The earth is mined to get diamonds.

What kinds of diamonds are there and how many diamonds are there?

There are numerous 'kinds' of diamonds -- too many to list. The number of diamonds cannot be determined, since not all diamonds have been mined to date.

What is gold and diamonds mined in?

Gold and diamonds are both mined in the earth.

What is done with diamonds mined in Australia?

Diamonds mined in Australia follow the same type of distribution channel as diamonds mined in any country. Mined diamonds are graded, brokered, then bought and sold based on the diamond's quality.

Are Moissanite lab created diamonds better than mined diamonds?

Mined diamonds are superior to any man made diamonds.

What is the world's diamonds are mined in southern Africa?

Yes, diamonds are mined in South Africa.

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Diamonds are mined, so whatever effect mining may have on the earth is made when diamonds are mined.

How are diamonds extracted from the ground?

Diamonds are mined.

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Diamonds are mined, they are not harvested.

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Diamonds are mined in Canada.

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The answer is unknowable, since not all the diamonds in the world have been mined to date.

A homophone for mind?

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Brown diamonds are the most common colour of diamonds mined, of gem-quality. Only about 20% of all diamonds mined are of gem quality.

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Diamonds have to be mined by humans

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Diamonds are very valuable because they are rare and precious metals. Diamonds were first mined over 2800 years ago in India.

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you spelled diamonds wrong and there mined in California

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Mined diamonds are graded and sized, so that diamonds can be brokered within the industry according to their potential value. Seventy-five percent of mined diamonds are used by industry and the remainder used for gem-quality stones.

What is mined in Angola?


Where are diamonds mostly mined?

Diamonds are mined from diamond mines, located on every continent except Europe and Antarctica.

Where are diamonds mined in Sierra Leone?

You can follow the link, below, to learn more about where diamonds are mined in Sierra Leone.

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diamonds are found in the northern Australia.

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Both gold and diamonds are mined.

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Diamonds are mined all over the world, including Canada, the USA, Russia, Australia, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, even Sweden. Note, however, that there are no diamonds mined in Europe or Antarctica.

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Levian Chocolate Diamonds are mined in the Argyle mine of Western Australia. The Diamonds are only found in that mine. This is why they are pretty expensive.