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Imperial Germany came from the unification of the German kingdoms following the Franco-Prussian war of 1871 and went through the end of the WWI and the reign of Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II. Nazi Germany began with Hitler's ascent to power in January 1933 and ended when WWII ended on may 8, 1945.

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Q: What was the difference between Imperial Germany and Nazi Germany?
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What was hitlers imperial ambition during the nazi rule?

Germany to rule for a thousand years.

What is the difference between a Nazi and a cockroach?

a nazi is not cocked

How come world war 2 finish?

Because Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were defeated.

What was one major difference between the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin and Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler?

Answer this question… Nazi Germany made luxury goods available to citizens, while the Soviet Union did not.

How did pincer movement defeat Nazi Germany in World War 1?

Well, strangely enough, Nazi Germany did not exist back in WW1, it was known as the German Empire, or Imperial Germany in that period. The pincer movement didn't defeat Germany in WW1.

Who were the Axis powers in WWll?

Nazi Germany, Italy and Imperial Japan. The Soviet Union was betrayed in 1941.

What is the difference between the sickle and hammer and the swastika flags?

The sickle and hammer was the flag of the Soviet Union and the swastika the flag of Nazi Germany.

Which countries were enemies during World War 2?

Nazi Germany, Italy, Imperial Japan, The Axis Powers

List all of the Axis nations in World War 2?

Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and Facist Italy.

What are the four Axis powers of the World War 2?

Nazi Germany, Italy, Imperial Japan and Emu land

What did the world war 2 US involvement?

The US fought Nazi Germany in Europe and Imperial Japan in the Pacific.

Who was America fighting during World War 2?

Nazi Germany in the European Theater of Operations, and Imperial Japan in the Pacific…

Who ruled over Nazi Germany?

The Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany. That is why it is called "Nazi" Germany.

What are the differences between the Nazi symbol and the Buddhist symbol?

The difference between the Nazi symbol and the Buddhist symbol is the dots that are usually added between them.

What did Nazi Germany and imperial Japan under Hideki Tojo had which characteristic in common?

Answer this question… Both promoted ideas of racial superiority.

What relationship did Hitler have with the Nazi Germany?

He was the leader of Nazi Germany .

What the Axis powers of World War 2?

The Axis powers of WW2 and prior to that war were Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan.

What were the similarities between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan?

Both were dictatorships, both despised there common rivals (China and the USSR respectively), both looted conquered nations, both had imperialistic aims and both were genocidical.

What was another name for Nazi Germany?

Nazi Germany, or the Third Reich

Who were allied to Nazi Germany?

Nazi Germany was allied to Italy and Japan.

When was Nazi Germany created?

Nazi Germany was created in 1933.

Who was the Nazi in Germany?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany.

Why was it necessary for Joseph Stalin to join World War 2?

Nazi Germany and USSR have a fake peace deal. Nazi Germany, as the name says, was nazi, and USSR communist, there wasn't any chance for a peace between them.

Who was the propaganda minister for Nazi Germany?

Minister for Nazi Germany was Joseph Goebbels......

Can you list human rights in Nazi Germany?

There were no human rights in Nazi Germany.