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Q: What was the disadvantage of not having Urban Centers in the South?
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Where did european immigrants who came to the united state settle?

in urban centers

Where did european immigrants who came to the US settles?

In urban centers

How many urban centers did china have in 2005?

In 2005, China had over 660 urban centers. These urban centers included large cities, mid-sized towns, and smaller municipalities that were designated as urban areas based on population and economic activity.

What is the urban population of Honduras?

52.2% of total population lives in urban centers (2011).

What community centers provided assistance to the urban poor?

Settlement House

The industrial revolution was responsible for the blank of urban centers?

The industrial revolution was responsible for the development of urban centers. This is actually attributed as the main factor of growth for the industries.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of urban centers?

Advantages:easier to find employmentmore transportationhas advanced technologygrocery stores, clothing stores, as well as other types of stores are more convenientDisadvantages:sometimes isolatingcrowdedpollutedincreasing crime (dangerous)

The Industrial Revolution was responsible for what of the urban centers?

growth :)

Both the Mayan civilization and the Zapotec civilization?

Reshaped their environments to develop complex agriculture and urban centers

Which two cities in southern south America are know for having problems with urban air pollution?

santiago and buenos aires

What does Document 15 reveal?

The change is popularity of rural and urban centers.

What was one of the major urban centers of pre-Columbian Mexico?