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Dive depth was reliant upon the U-Boat type ; they could dive safely to approximately 50 to 75 meters . ~ Look to the related link below for additional technical information .

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Q: What was the dive depth for you boats in ww1?
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How deep could a WW1 German U-boat go?

WW1 German U-boats had a maximum diving depth of around 100 meters (330 feet). However, the operational depth, at which they could safely operate and maintain control, was typically around 50 to 60 meters (165 to 200 feet).

How deep could a us ww2 submarine dive?

Test depth for U.S. boats was between 250' and 400' depending on the boat class.

What where u-boats in WW1?


When were German U-boats invented?

U boats were invented in 1914 for WW1

What are the depth of the titanic and are there any dsv s that can travel to that depth can a person dive to the titanic?

2,267 feet under and no, a person cannot dive to the Titanic; too deep

What is the deepest depth you can go with a dive computer?

Any decent dive computer can withstand greater pressure than you can.

Who was the first person to dive in a submersible to a depth of 3150m?

Auguste Piccard

How deep can an advanced scuba diver go?

Most recreational divers rarely dive below 100 feet. The average depth for a dive is around 60 feet.AdditionThere is a difference between the average deepest depth of of dives in general and the average depth of a single dive. Most dives will have the deepest depth of around 60 feet, but the average depth of that dive will probably be more in the range of 30 feet since divers will start at one depth and usually continue the dive at shallower depths.

The Nautile, a French submarine, can dive to a depth of 20,000 feet. It takes 20 hours to dive to the maximum depth at the speed of x feet per hour. How fast must the Nautile dive to reach the maximum depth?

This is a speed related question!!! Speed = distance / time Hence speed = 20,000 ft/ 20 hrs. speed = 1000 ft/hr

What could you call in-depth discussions?

Deep dive conversations or thorough analyses.

How can the bends be prevented?

Don't dive too deep. Don't exceed no-decompression limits for the depth you dive to. (limits are available in any of the dive calculating tables) Ascend at a slow pace.

How were u boats used during ww1?

Guerre de Course (commerce raiding).