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Q: What was the doctor's name on the USS Enterprise?
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Who were all the Star Trek helmsmen?

Jana Haines (USSEnterprise)Hutchison (EnterpriseNX-01)Kyle (USS Enterprise)Leslie (USS Enterprise)Travis Mayweather (EnterpriseNX-01)Gary Mitchell (USS Enterprise)Number One (USS Enterprise)Tom Paris (USS Voyager)Demora Sulu (USS Enterprise-B)Hikaru Sulu (USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A)Valeris (USS Enterprise-A)Richard Castillo (USS Enterprise-C)Data (USS Enterprise-D, USS Enterprise-E)Hawk (USS Enterprise-E)Branson (USS Enterprise-E)Geordi La Forge (USS Enterprise-D)Wesley Crusher (USS Enterprise-D)Gates (USS Enterprise-D)Hector Ilario (USS Defiant)

How sailors on board the uss enterprise?

They become on the USS Enterprise by boarding it.

Who played Star Trek communications officer?

Lieutenant Alden, USS Enterprise, 2265 Lieutenant John Farrell, USS Enterprise, 2266 Chief Garrison, USS Enterprise, 2254 Lieutenant M'Ress, USS Enterprise, 2269-70 Lieutenant Palmer, USS Enterprise, 2267-69 Chief Pendleton, USS Enterprise-D, 2369 Ensign Sato, Enterprise NX-01, 2150s Lieutenant Uhura, USS Enterprise, 2265-85 and USS Enterprise-A (as Commander), 2286-93

What was the name of Capt Kirk's ship in Star Trek?

Uss Enterprise, ncc-1701

Who was not a captain of the starship enterprise Christopher pike or kathryn janeway?

Kathryn Janeway was not a captain of the USS Enterprise. She was captain of the USS Voyager.Christopher Pike was a former captain of the USS Enterprise.

What the name of the US' warship?

One example: USS Enterprise (CV-6)

Name two American aircraft carriers that fought in the Battle of Midway through the war?

USS yorktown,USS Enterprise

How long is the uss enterprise?

It depends. Are you talking about the aircraft carriers, the Enterprise in Star Trek, or the space shuttle?

What is the name starship in Star Trek?

It is the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. The Enterprise is one of the Federation's most prized vessels.

Which Star Trek ship is best?

These are my top 10 favorites(lowest to highest) 10. USS enterprise original 9. USS Defiant 8. USS Appalachia 7. USS Thunderchild 6. enterprise-a 5. enterprise-b 4.enterprise-c 3.enterprise-d 2.enterprise-e 1. the new enterprise from star trek(2009)

What is the Name of Captain Kirk's ship in Star Trek?

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

What was the name of the USS Enterprise in the original draft for the Star Trek TV series?

"The Yorktown"

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