What was the dogs name from the cartoon Captain Kangaroo?

Captain Kangaroo was NOT a cartoon character but a live one, played by Bob Keeshan. The dog you are thinking of was a sort of side-kick on the Cartoon- Tom Terrific which was aired ( one believes primarily) on Captain Kangaroo- about the shape-shifting child superhero, Tom Terrific. Tom Terrific came on with the resounding sound of Bahp-Bunk ( or Punk) bucketa- bucketa-bucketa- Bing! Tom Terrific! He wore a funnel on his head. The dog was ( Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog)_as mentioned a side-kick of Tom Terrific. I hasten to add that Captain K was NOT a Cartoon character but a live actor. He did run cartoons * as did most live hosts of his type- such as Sandy Becker, Fred Scott and later, Soupy Sales. In later years , when on talk shows Mr. Keeshan tried to minimize the role of cartoons on his program, which is not true.

While it is true that Captain Kangaroo was not a cartoon character, he did have an old English Sheepdog named BeBe.