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What was the dreadnought?

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It referred to the battleships of the early 1900's. These massive war machines were pretty much invincible and "feared nothing," in otherwords, they were in 'dread of nought.' They were armed with large-caliber guns in turrets. The name alludes to HMS Dreadnought, a ship launched by Britain in 1906.

A dreadnought was a British name for an large ironclad, steam-powered warship with a lot of big guns on it. Later the term was changed to battleship.

A dreadnought is type of battleship, built after 1906, that utilized an "all-big-gun" arrangement. Dreadnoughts usually only had eight or more, 12 inch guns, where pre-Dreadnought battleships usually only carried four 12 inc guns, and an assortment of smaller guns.

One good example of this new type of battle ship was the HMS Tiger.

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What happened to the dreadnought?

the dreadnought was ship away in to the seas of any country an the dreadnought would owned by the navy

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Dreadnought with a missile launcher and lascannon is 145 points.

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Dreadnought - comics - was created in 1967.

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You can get a Dreadnought at most model retailers and Games Workshop Hobby Stores. There isn't a seperate model that is known as a Blood Angels Dreadnought, but a regular Dreadnought painted to the Blood Angels Colour Scheme will qualify to the Blood Angels Codex.

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How many battleships had the dreadnought sunk?

None. HMS Dreadnought only sank one enemy ship, and that was a U-boat, which it sank by ramming.

What actors and actresses appeared in The King and the Dreadnought - 1907?

The cast of The King and the Dreadnought - 1907 includes: King Edward VII as himself

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What is the first pre-dreadnought in British Navy what is the first pre-dreadnought in other cuntry's navy such France Italy Russia USA ....?

Pre-Dreadnought is a generic naval military term used to describe any warship that A) was built before 1907 or B) Warships that do not share the characteristics of the HMS Dreadnought, ie large long range guns, armoured and compartmentalized hulls, speed in excess of 22 knots and long range fire control. Technically the first pre-dreadnought battleship in the Royal Navy would be a ship of the line. The term "Pre-dreadnought" is synonomous with "Obsolete"

How big is a space marine dreadnought?

A real Dreadnought Stands probably between 15 and 20 feet tall and probably 7-10 feet wide.

Why is a 'dreadnought' called a 'dreadnought'?

Assuming that the dreadnought you are talking about is the battleship, dreadnought comes from dread + nought. Dread meaning fear or awe and nought meaning lost or bad. Dreadnaughts, when they were invented, became a symbol of power due to their heavy-calibre guns and steam turbine propulsion. Dreadnaughts, therefore, were feared (by enemies) and awed (by the nation's allies); dreadnaughts were also 'bad' as in they were strong and powerful. It is interesting to note that although it was seen as powerful in the beginning of the twentieth century, there were new ships that were built in upcoming years that were even more powerful. These ships were the ones to star in World War I.

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is it the HMS Dreadnought

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The cast of King Edward on H.M.S. Dreadnought - 1907 includes: King Edward VII as himself

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