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What was the dreadnought?


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May 01, 2016 10:13PM

It referred to the battleships of the early 1900's. These massive war machines were pretty much invincible and "feared nothing," in otherwords, they were in 'dread of nought.' They were armed with large-caliber guns in turrets. The name alludes to HMS Dreadnought, a ship launched by Britain in 1906.

A dreadnought was a British name for an large ironclad, steam-powered warship with a lot of big guns on it. Later the term was changed to battleship.

A dreadnought is type of battleship, built after 1906, that utilized an "all-big-gun" arrangement. Dreadnoughts usually only had eight or more, 12 inch guns, where pre-Dreadnought battleships usually only carried four 12 inc guns, and an assortment of smaller guns.

One good example of this new type of battle ship was the HMS Tiger.