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Education was limited to the upper classes in 700 B.C. However, young men of a high social station were educated a symposiums that were held by philosophers such as Plato and Socrates.

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What dates which came first 100 BC 700 BC or 700 AD?

700 bc

How was Rome in 700 bc?

Like YO mama!

What dates came first 100 BC 700 BC or 700 AD?

The answer is 700 B.C.

What is the integer of 700 bc in years?


What was education like in 500 BC?


Which year came later 700 b.c or 900 a.d?

700 BC came first then 900 AD BC is before AD

When do historians believe Rome was founded?

1000 bc. it is really between 800 BC and 700 BC

When did Homer write his epics?

700 bc

What was the date that zero was introduced?

700 bc

How long ago was 700 BC?

2012 + 700 = 2712 years ago (approx)

What was Persia's religon?

It was Zoroastrianism from 400 BC to 700 AD Then Islam from 700 AD to present.

What year was odyssey written?

around 700 BC

How do you write 700 BC as an integer?

Exactly as it is because 700 is already an integer which means it is a whole number.

How many years are between 1500 BC. and 700 AD.?

There are: 1500+700 = 2200 years

What is the oldest university in India?

Takshila university( 700 BC )

When was the first coin invented?

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When homer died?

Homer died around 700 BC

If its 700 in bc what time is it in Quebec?

It would be 10:00

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When did real wrestling start in ancient Greece?

in 700 bc

When did ancient Greece first exist?

3500 BC to 700 AD

Where was the element silver found?

The element silver was found in the 700 bc.

What dates did the Greek civilization begin and end?

700 bc and 1001bc

What country coin its come from?

Greece around 700 BC (approx)

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