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It really depends on the drug. You'll have to be more specific. Different drugs have different effects on the body.

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Q: What was the effects of drugs in your human body?
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What are the Effects of drugs in a human's body?


What are some good effects drugs have on your body?

what are the good effects of drugs

How do drugs produce their effects on human behavior?

There are thousands of drugs all of which produce their action by promoting or inhibiting different biochemical pathways within the body.

What do all drugs have alike?

every drug has an effect on the human body like over the counter drugs witch are the good drugs like Advil have a good effect on the body but street drugs like alchol have bad effects and can cause cancer

What effects do drugs and alcohol and smoking and diet have on muscles?

effects of drugs,diet,,smoking,alcohol on the body

How does illegal drugs effect your human body?

There are so many different types of illegal drugs and so many different effects that no one person could answer the question as stated.

What are the effects of drugs on the human body and sport performance?

Some enhance performance, and some detract. Your question needs to be more specific.

What do alcohol and drugs do to the body?

There is a stupidly huge range of drugs that affect the human body, and they sometimes have widely different, often opposite, effects. Listing al of such possible effects would be pointless and difficult. Please ask the question again, referring to the specific drug you wish to know about.

What effects does drugs have on your body?

good ones ;)

What drugs are?

A drug is a substance which may have medicinal, intoxicating, performance enhancing or other effects when taken or put into a human body

High altitude effects on human body?

what are the long term effects of high altitude living on the human body

What harmful effects does drugs have on the human brain?

a negitive one

Discuss the adverse effects of terrostrial magnetism on human body?

Discuss the adverse effects of terrostrial magnetism on human body.

How do drugs affect the human body?

It means that like if you take drugs it can mess up your lungs,heart,and other things in the human body system.

What effects do smoking and taking drugs have on a human body?

Smoking has many harmful effects on the human body. Cigarette smoke contains many toxic substances. Carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, tar (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) causes cancer, nicotine is an addictive drug and a vaso-constrictor which reduces blood circulation and contributes to heart disease, particulates coat the lungs and contribute to emphysema, etc. As for the effects of taking drugs, that depends upon which drugs you are taking, however all drugs have side effects, and most recreational drugs are extremely dangerous. Common side effects include addiction, insanity and death. Some drugs do have legitimate medical uses, but they should never be used for fun. There are much better ways to have fun. Try playing a video game.

Where are drugs broken down in the human body?

Most drugs are metabolized in the liver.

What is the effect of drugs in human?

The effects of drugs are to alter, mimic, change, interfere, kill, stop, speed, accelerate, decelerate, etc. aspects of the both the physical/physiological body or produce central nervous system effects. On a general level, prescribed drugs (taken as directed) can relieve symptoms of viruses, bacterial illness, disease and pain. There are always side effects, and some people notice them more than others. Misuse of drugs often is due to these other side effects--mood changing, euphoria and so on. At this level, drugs can affect human behavior, lifestyle and relationships and may be addicting.

Effect of drugs in a human's body?

The question is too broad. Specify the drug or drugs

What are the effects on the human body submerged at depth?

The human body's lungs expand as the body gets deeper in the water.

Do you persuade someone to do drugs?

No, never. Drugs may have positive short-term immediate effects, but their long-term effects severely damage the body and mind.

What are the arguments for and against Human medical testing?

One argument against is that it involves experimenting with the health and safety of human beings. An argument for is that although effects of drugs on animals may be similar to their effects on humans, some effects may be specific to human beings only. Another is that testing drugs on human beings may result in unexpected negative results for the subjects.

What was that famous roman speech on the human body and effects of a strike on society?

speeches about the human body

What effects on the human body does adrealine have when the body is healthy?


What are the effects of drugs to your mind and body?

the effects that can happen are loss of brain and slurred speech, loss of ordination,

History of Pharmacology?

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and how they interact with the human body. More specifically how drugs affect normal body functions.