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Egyptians did not have magic; they believed, like many ancient civilisations, that intercession on behalf of the gods and other mythological personages was responsible for many apparently supernatural events.

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Q: What was the egyptians book with spells?
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What did the egyptians do to learn magic spells?

They studied the book of the pharaohs.

Where did Egyptians get the spells necessary to pass to the afterlife?

"Spells of Coming Forth by Day", better known as the Book of the Dead.

What book of spells and prayers did Egyptians used to study?

The Book of the Dead was a collection of spells and prayers that ancient Egyptians believed would help guide the deceased through the afterlife. It contained instructions on how to navigate the journey to the afterlife, overcome obstacles, and ultimately achieve eternal life. The Book of the Dead was written on papyrus scrolls and buried with the deceased to provide guidance in the afterlife.

What spells were used by the Egyptians?

I guess spells of resurrection, healing, conjuring, you know, other mysterious spells like that.

What was the spell book called to help Egyptians in the afterlife?

Egyptian book of the dead! hope that helps

When the Egyptians used mummification did someone come and say prays and read out of a book?

While a mumification was taking place, a priest would wear a mask of Anubis and read spells out of "The Book of the Dead".

What is the Egyptian book of the dead for?

The Book of the Dead was a description of what the ancient Egyptians thought the afterlife was like. It was a collection of hymns and spells which enabled the recently dead to pass through obstacles into the afterlife. The information was written on a papyrus scroll and placed in the coffin of the deceased. A German discovered the book in 1842

Is there a book of the dead?

yes. it was made by the ancient egyptians for the mummy to go to the Next Life. it had magic spells, prayers, and maps for the mummy to go on the journey to the Next Life

How did the egyptians prepare the after life?

they would get into this rlly funny suts and do lots of spells

What spells are there in the book of forbidden spells?

Lots of spells for dark magic. Stuff that could give you nightmares.

In which book are all the spells?

There is no book with all known spells in it, simply because someone can make up a spell in a snap. There are plenty of books that have a great deal of spells in them though.

What are the release dates for Book of Spells - 2012?

Book of Spells - 2012 was released on: USA: 12 February 2012 (internet)